Think of a "typical" fashion model. Pick anyone you want. Now think of their published interests, relationships, favorite foods, and vacation spots. I bet that wasn't the first thing you thought of, when they are in your thoughts on a normal day, right? Typically, women today see "regular" models as slender women at a size they "cannot" attain and automatically think that these models do not eat and are all unhealthy. Some women, then go on to find pictures of the polar opposite (much larger women) and say that is what a "real man" desires; not the published "regular" models. Although a percentage of models may indeed having eating disorders and such, most of the models are pretty hard core athletes. Examples include:

Emily DiDonato (face of Maybelline) who just finished a triathlon,

Karlie Kloss who did a half marathon within this past year and posts multiple instagram posts about multiple types of exercise she loves as well as healthy food options and KOOKIESSSS

Adriana Lima who is a badass kick boxer on her free time, and

Elsa Hosk who was a pro basketball player before she became a Victoria's Secret model.

These ladies have the genes and kick-ass motivation to stay fit for that industry of modeling people!

And guess what do these women!!!

Ashley Graham (first "plus size" model to be the cover of Sports Illustrated Issue ad and created "Curvy Fit Club" workouts)

Denise Bidot (shares health experience with her child by doing XBOX 360 dance central and Zumba. Plus her  insta is stupid glamorous :D check it if you haven't already!), and

Marquita Pring (cover of Vogue Italy recently). 

But guess what? Even though these women are considered "plus size" in the fashion industry, they are nowhere near the images of obesity that are plastered everywhere in order to skinny shame. 

These "plus size" models, along with the "typical" models noted above, are role models that should be used for women to feel stronger about themselves. These are all healthy, beautiful women that show us everyday how we can feel empowered and full of inspiration. So what, you may never reach Karlie Kloss's height, or Elsa Hosk's waist line! They are showing you how athletic you can be with your own body and how strong/badass it can be if you want to train yourself that way. On another point, let them be role models for larger "than  you" women, as well as role models for women "smaller than your size". There is no need to skinny shame them just because the metaphorical "you" is not that size. They have genes that predispose them to be that size! Why make fun or bash them for that? They are beautiful in their own bodies and their own endeavors. 

The vice versa goes for the Ashley Graham category of models noted above. So what if (the metaphorical) your breasts aren't as voluptuous as theirs, or buttocks isn't as ..."dat ass-erific" for lack of better term. Again...genetics gives them the larger mammary glands and gluteal packaging than the metaphorical you. Yes they are a few sizes larger than the "typical" models in ads and television, but they are FUCKING HEALTHY. They workout too! They are sweating in sexy Nike/Adidas/LuluLemon outfits just like the rest of them, and are becoming kickass in the process! So what if they don't eat a crossfit diet (if there is one I am not sure, crossfit is the most extreme thing I can think of haha)?! They are in the average range of healthy and probably eat pretty damn healthy too! Do not "fat shame" these type of women who are larger than "typical models" when in fact they can probably run laps around you! Just cause the metaphorical "you" is skinny, doesn't mean you are fit. 

but here is where I have the biggest problem in regards to the "body shame" conflict...

DO NOT POST A MORBIDLY OBESE HUMAN BEING AND CALL THEM HEALTHY. They can feel beautiful and be respected. These people do not need to be made fun of, shamed, ostracized, or have any other cruel behavior done to them.  I have no qualms about that. However, do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, spread to the public around you that being morbidly obese is healthy. For a fact, being morbidly obese is a CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY PROCESS that increases one's risk for a wide range of future health issues including, but believe me not limited to: Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Cancer, Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke, Vasculature and Circulatory issues (think purple/swollen legs, decreased to null circulation to extremities, and amputations), Abnormal Blood Fats, and Metabolic Syndrome. These are the people that need our love, inspiration, and motivation, the most. So spread love, no hate. Spread scientific fact, no fiction. 

This is my opinion, so respect it as I swear I respect all of yours. 


need a dress for graduation?!

How many of you are graduating soon, or going to a party, and want a kickass dress?!

How many of you want a kickass DESIGNER dress but don't want to pay the price tag?

If you answered yes to one or both questions, I have your answer! 

Click on the rent the runway picture provided, and you will get $25 off your first rental!!!

Dive into the world of luxury, that is not only affordable (rentals as low as $30!!!) but is full of variety. The process is super easy, and you can get two sizes sent to you for no extra charge! Thus, no worries about it not fitting, because you can get an extra size! You also have a 3-4 day window to get it, use it, and send it back!

PS: They also have loads of designer accessories for rent as well....KATE SPADE...MOSCHINO.....OH MY!

What is a woman's best accessory? 

Check out this video on how my friend Samantha Ozkural gained confidence in her everyday life!

Scoop on stevie boi: innovator of eyewear

Hey everyone! Do you remember that "famous peeps in the front row" instagram pic I put up in February while at FTL MODA? Well one of those people in the photo (gentleman all the way to the left) happened to be Stevie Boi, who is notorious for his luxury eyewear line called "SB SHADES." He was also kind enough to reply for an online interview! Check out some fun facts about your new favorite eyewear eye-con! ;) #punny

1. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself? Where you grew up, favorite things to do, favorite places, or influencial times in your life?
"Hi my name is Stevie Boi, I reside in NYC and Baltimore Md. I am a fashion designer mostly known for my unique style and over the top eyewear. My favorite places to visit is anywhere with a beach and a bar. "

2. How would you describe your own personal style? Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?
"My personal style is lazy. I do not put as much effort into styling myself as much as people think I do. I feel that Style is an expression of who you are. And to be honest after shipping out 100+ orders or styling celebrities back to back, I barely find the time to be the number 1 stylish person in the room. I think the biggest rule for putting an outfit together is knowing what you look good in regardless of the shape, size or mood you are in. "

3. What and/or who inspires your creations?
"This is a tough question. Mostly because I create things under crazy circumstances. For example; majority of my designs come from just sitting down with limited materials and creating what I can. I don't read fashion magazines or anything to get inspirations. "

 taken from

taken from

4. Tell us about your line of glasses/sunglasses, and what inspired you to start it?
"This collection I created entitled 'CR3AM' was basically my way of expressing my art through simple and modern style. I wanted to do something simplistic. Everything I've done in the past has been so over the top. I wanted to be a tad normal but still different. "

5. Are there any philanthropic endeavors you have been a part of, or plan to be?
"I have done lots of Charity events for Cancer, Sickle cell , Hiv/Aids etc. I plan to continue doing charity events. "

6. What do you think will be the big hits fashion wise for next season?
"Not sure I never keep up with the trends of Fashion. They die and then are reborn its so redundant. "

7. Where do you see your line in the next five years? Do you see your brand expanding to other types of accessories or clothing? 
"I expect to open stores throughout the US and Europe. I do have clothing and always designed clothing, I just never promoted it. "

Thank you Stevie Boi! Can't wait for more to come from your fun and eclectic brand!

karlie kloss steps down from
VS angel duties

Shattering news hit the cyber world this afternoon. Karlie Kloss is leaving Victoria's secret after having walked in their show since 2011 and being an official Angel since 2013. It turns out however that this was not because she was simply bored with the company or had a falling out. Karlie Kloss is focusing on other business opportunities (including her recent L'oreal campaign) and school. YES SCHOOL.

Karlie is not only a fashion model but a scholar. Late last year she took a course in computer coding at the Flatiron School and she now plans to attend NYU through the Gallatin School of Individualized Study in Fall 2015. Does this mean that we will not see Karlie on the runway or in magazines now? OF COURSE NOT. This super star is going to be working full time and studying on her off time. We will still see her kick-ass campaigns on TV and in all kinds of print, witness her strut her stuff on the catwalk, and eat her delicious "Perfect 10" Karlie Kookies that help feed the hungry. 

She believes in health, fitness, and ambition. Let her be an example for all of us women out there.

who won gold for fashion at the
golden globes?

Not a lot of people I can tell you that!
Lets start with those who were the worst dressed...

Click through the gallery on the left to follow along:

1. Jessica Chastain looks like she has a gathered pile of glimmering diarrhea around her body. Who picked out this color and fabric?!

2. Julianna Marquiles looks like she could not decide on a length the way the dress is cut. It looks like she wanted knee length, then changed her mind and added a block of fabric at the bottom for T length which is still cut awkwardly and looks like a ball gown for a petite woman. 

3. Julianne Moore: This dress looks like a disco ball got into a brawl with a bird and Julianne Moore is the unfortunate winner. 

4. Kate Mara's gown has great color and basic style however it is killed with that God awful belt and random ruffle assembly at her hips. Did she have a great gown then randomly go shopping in the 1990's junior department for the belt? 

5. Katie Holmes: as much as I love her makeup and hair here, her gown looks like it is from the junior prom section. The drapery at the top and the cheap looking fabric is not doing her any favors here. 

6. Keira Knightly has what looks like a nature conservancy brochure printed on it. The excessive amount of  butterflies along with all of the ruffles makes this look appear childish and so out of place for he red carpet. 

7. Kerry Washington, I love ipsy as much as the next girl, but I am not about to wear the pink foil like envelope it comes in as my dress. 

8. Lena Dunham unfortunately went grocery shopping for her dress and got herself a sack for a dress. The dress has no shape which is unfortunate because I have seen Lena Dunham in much better fitting outfits that show her figure better.  

9. Leslie Mann decided to wear "French's" mustard yellow duck tape as her dress. 'nuff said.

10. Melissa McCarthy is going to a pilgrim feast after the golden globes at the looks of it. Or maybe to a Catholic Middle School singing recital. 

11. Patricia Arquette has that big ass flower on her shoulder that is bigger than her head. The last thing anyone needs is an accessory that detracts that much attention and is all black with no pizzazz. This flower needs to be 1/2 to 3/4 its size to not make this outfit awful. 

12. Taryn Manning looks like the dress maker piled up a bundle of black GLAD garbage bags and threw some thread in there with a spritz of shimmer here and there. It's like the "anti-golden globe" dress because she is too cool for the party. 

now to the gold winners!

Click through the gallery on the left to follow along:

1. Amy Adams looks effortlessly elegant in this ensemble. The color is beautiful on her and her makeup/hair is so hollywood glam. 

2. Anna Kendrick was called "dreary" by other critics but I simply do not agree. She looks like she stepped out of a fairy tale without all of the ruffles and shiny gross fabric. Her entire look is absolutely gorgeous. 

3. Catherine Zeta Jones looks like classic beauty as usual. She also kind of looks like the dancing emoji! haha which is a fruitful plus. 

4. Emma Stone, my fashion hero on the red carpet, opted for a unique look on the red carpet. She dressed in nice tailored pants with what looks like a metallic crochet top and heels. Her look is clean cut and fabulous. Including the big sash and bow around her hips. 

5. Lupita Nyong'o does it again with such vivid color and fun design. I love her dress because the bright color contrasts her skin so beautifully and despite the high floral content, she still looks elegant. 

6. Reese Witherspoon yet again with simple elegance. Her makeup and hair are simple as usual, which works for her because of her facial structure and look. The dress is form fitting but not slutty and works for her age and style. 

photos from:

I'm all about HER bass

"We look at ourselves too much and we just destroy ourselves, 
when we're way cooler than we know." -
Meghan Trainor (1)

For those who do not know her by name, Meghan Trainor is the new up coming artist that WROTE and SANG that new hit "All About That Base" that will not leave your head. Her new album comes out on 1/13/15 and I cannot wait! In so many aspects of life she is all around awesome, and apparently sweet and down to Earth in person as per a personal insider (Thanks Joe ;) haha ).

So what about her, makes her fashion forward? To start, she takes the bangin' yet not "society standard" figure that she has and fuckin' works it! She is not hiding in baggy pants and sweatshirts, or being a loner at home. She admits that she used to be like that before she realized how awesome she was (1); however today she is a brilliant, confident young woman that is shaping the minds of young women all over the USA, if not the WORLD. And it all started with that one song =)

Her fashion today is all about being up beat and fun, which I LOVE. Despite her not being a size 2, she is rocking the over the knee socks and thigh highs LIKE A BOSS! You normally do not see "thigh-gapless" women in the media wearing these types of things for some odd reason, however Meghan Trainor rocks it with such energy!

Her sweaters include fun patterns that just make you want to smile, and her evening wear is just oh so sassy &classy=) She dresses like a respectable young woman, yet fun and energetic that her age makes appropriate. She is able to make an impression on the world with her talent, fun presence, and style, without resorting to showing everyone her bangin' assets like know =p. She works her body with style and CLASS.


This is what makes Meghan Trainor fashion forward: she loves her healthy & beautiful body, she works it in fashion that is fun and classy, and she is confident enough to share her body loving wisdom with the world. I love her message and I think you should too. 



Photo sources:

It's holiday party time!

Here is a new way to stand out in the crowd!

Let's be real. Every time a woman is invited to some type of party, she always thinks of finding "that perfect dress." My question is, why does it have to be a dress? This holiday season, I decided to mix it up a bit and this is what I came up with...thick black leggings with a black leather jacket to match, a white lace button down...AND A BOW TIE! The only think I would change in retrospect is the camisole length. It was pulled down way too far and should not have passed my blouse. Other than that I believe it went quite well=)
My makeup look was dramatic as all hell and went with the christmas theme =) Check out my facebook page for details!

But let's be real....dresses are AWESOME TOO!

amy dress.jpg
amy dresss.jpg


photo source:

Being fashion forward is not all about the clothes and the makeup. Its about being confident in yourself and loving who you are inside and out. I have recently come across a photographer's new book project called "CURVES." The NY based photographer's name is Victoria Janashvili and she has been photographing in the fashion world for the past seven years for the likes of GQ and the NY Times.
The purpose of the book is to celebrate all women's bodies, and to rid the stereotype that only a size 0 can be beautiful. 

"We love your booty. Get it behind this book. The future of healthy bootoes , big and small, may depend on it"- Victoria Janashvili

I myself have donated to her kickstarter campaign so that I may get a copy and help with this cause. If you would like to contribute here is the link:



can't figure out how to
mix patterns in an outfit? 


1. Macropattern vs micropattern

When choosing what kind of patterns to mix together, look first at the size of the patterns. What I call "macropatterns" are those with larger scale prints on them, such as large florals or abstract prints. "Micropatterns" are on a smaller scale and include graphic patterns like pinstripes and polka dots. When mixing patterns in an outfit try and balance out the micropatterns with the macropatterns. 

2. Balance with solids

When mixing patterns in an outfit do not be afraid to balance it out with solids too! It might sound contradictory, but it does not make you any less cool or any less "capable" of mixing patterns. Adding solids can enhance the boldness of mixing patterns to begin with. 

3. Do not match patterns with eachother, MATCH COLORS!

If the colors go together, most likely the patterns will go together (as long as you follow rule #1 as well!) (FOR COLOR MIXING HELP, CHECK OUT MY OTHER ARTICLE ON THIS PAGE "THE ART OF COLOR MIXING")


5. Don't forget your shoes!

If you want to make a subtle "pattern mix", use your shoes! There are a slew of shoes out there that incorporate patterns. When using shoes to mix patterns, try and wear solid colored pants and a patterned top; this incorporates balance. Also do not forget accessories! Purses, hats, and headbands can also introduce an extra pattern to the outfit! And just because men are "supposed" to be the ones wearing ties, does not mean women cannot add them successfully to a pant suit for flair!

6. Use solid colored items with textures as "patterns"

Although still technically a "solid color", items with lazer cut openings could be considered a pattern. 

Click through for examples! =)

Sources for pictures:

the art of color mixing

Who needs to wear only black and grey? NOT ME! If you are having trouble mixing colors together in a fashionable way because you simply are not sure how to do it, this article is for you. No need to follow all of the rules at once; each has their own way of bringing color into your outfit in a smart and fashionable way!

1. Go back to the basics: THE COLOR WHEEL

Remember that thing you colored ever year in elementary school art class? Yes I am talking about the color wheel! The color wheel helps you pick out complementary colors (colors on the opposite side of the wheel) Examples include blue with orange, purple with yellow, and green and pink. 

color wheel.gif

2. Keep colors in the family.

This is a pretty easy tip to remember. Just keep pastel colors with pastels, jewel tones with jewel tones, and earth tones with earth tones. (jewel tone example on left, earth tone example on right)


3. Stick with one color: use different shades.

Give your outfit some ombré pizazz! If you want to make your color incorporation subtle try using only one color but use difference shades. Make sure to use different shades when doing this because you do not want to look like an old lady wearing her 1 color fits all jump suit. 


4. Cheat! Use a patterned item in your closet be your color map!

Pick a patterned item you love and make an outfit based on the colors you find in it!



 I have seen a lot of women wearing the same boring sweater dresses with the same tall boots and the same drab...well...everything. Just because you are in the workplace, it does not mean that you need to dress boring. Dress edgy! Dress fabulously! 
 You can even use color theory to enhance your look at work. If you would like to bring a more authoritative aura to your look, wear darker tone colors. Brighter colors make one seem less intimidating and make people perceive you as more approachable and friendly. To give off a more calm aura, wear blue! One color that has shown to evoke anger, anxiety, worry and distraction is red. So maybe keep this color to a minimum. 

An example of a work outfit that is conservative enough to be professional, yet fun enough to make you stand out is the following: A camo patterned chiffon shirt with a black studded pencil skirt and pair of black heels. To make it even more professional add a pair of tights and a blazer!


casual couture


Have you ever wondered how some women, whether at work or simply getting coffee at Starbucks, look like they are dressed to impress yet they seem comfortable and casual at the same time? These women are fashion forward in the most simple yet ingenious way. They simply balance "comfort" items with upscale items.

Need an example? Check out the images below! 

Comfy, fitted with flow grandma sweater with a hat and charm necklace for casual? CHECK. Fitted dress in a deep jewel tone color with sexy tights and heels for "couture"? CHECK.  Simply adding "comfort" items to an outfit casz it down just enough for daytime; then simply removing the grandma sweater makes the outfit fancy for a night out on the town. Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to explore the site for more fashion and life tips!

Karlie Kloss: Straight up 'Klass' act

For the few of you who do not know who Karlie Kloss is, here is a snippet of her biography. 


Karlie Kloss is a 5'11 American model who was born August 3, 1992 in Chicago, Illinois. She was originally being trained as a ballet dancer at Caston's Ballet Academy and at the young age of 13, she was discovered at a local charity fashion show in St. Louis. She soon after signed with Elite Model Management. By 2008 she left Elite and signed with NEXT Model Management and in 2009 she was the most photographed model in American Vogue. She also went to be a Victoria's Secret Angel and Vogue's top ranked model in 2012. She is still a Victoria's Secret Angel to this day and has many more accomplishments to her name (which I will get to asap!)

Now that we have established who Karlie Kloss is I'd like to divulge into why she is a "Klass Act." Karlie is only 22 years old and her life is filled with success and minimal scandal. She is also not only a model, but a business woman and a philanthropist. By 2014 she has created "Karlie Cares" which is a charity that helps numerous causes and Karlie's Kookies which is a thriving business in conjunction with Milk Bar. Karlie has also gone on a mission trip recently through Every Mother Counts to help make pregnancy and childbirth safe for women in third world countries that do not have easy access to modern medicine. She is also the new face of Nike and is reshaping the image of what a female model should be today: not skinny but strong!

These, believe it or not, are only a few reasons why Karlie Kloss is my favorite model at present. What I love about her is that she comes from a down to earth family and she stays a part of that family. I still remember one night while at work, Karlie came to the hospital while her father was working and brought him milk and snacks....AT MIDNIGHT. Now that is some daughter love right there!  I had the privilege of working alongside her father at Orange Regional Medical Center and had the pleasure of meeting her sister Kariann Lee Kloss (who also went to Burke Catholic High School like I did). Both were warm welcoming individuals who are not typically what you come across with famous family members (ie the Kardashians =p). Numerous Instagram photos and facebook posts show her with her family and going to events without scandal. She recently attended the 2014 Glamour Women of the Year Awards held at Carnegie Hall in NYC; and guess who she brought with her? Her mother. Some might find this to be lame but BOO ON THEM. I think it is absolutely wonderful and I hope she stays true to herself the more she succeeds in life.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and feel free to explore the rest of my site for fashion tips and so much more!



#basicbitch #uggboots #PSL #northface


No more Sasquatch boots, and no more see through leggings!


Here I will tell you and show you=)

First, get rid of those plain tan Sasquatch boots that Ugg unfortunately started making several years ago. Instead, try Ugg's performance wear winter hiking boots. They are more form fitting to your foot, extremely comfortable, and actually useful for any outdoors activities (even walking across campus in the snow). Updating to these boots alone will get you one foot out of the #basicbitch door. 

Secondly, invest in some real leggings! Skimpy tights or $5 leggings that are too small for you are not proper leggings for this look to be accomplished!!!  Plain black leggings are okay as long as your tuckus isn't creeping threw the thread count, however a pair of leggings with subtle design can bring such creativity to any "basic" ensemble. For example, try a legging with leather inserts (or "leather like" material inserts). 

Thirdly, North Face is not the only brand out there that makes outerwear! Sperry Topsider makes phenomenal outerwear that is warm and comfortable...and guess what? IT COVERS YOUR TUCKUS. Just in case your leggings are too "see through" this sperry topsider jacket covers your bottom! 

Lastly, you need great and personal accessories to pull off a unique #basicbitch look. Even with having the"basic" leggings/uggs/northface, one could make the look unique with great fall/winter accessories. These can include headbands, scarves, and hats. 

All you need now is a unique fall starbucks beverage. To this notion, I suggest the FRANKENFRAPP which is BARISTA GENIUS. (PS: they do not have it on their "menu" anymore, however just ask the barista to make it and they will still know how to make it)

See the pictures below, which illustrate each of the four points. They also show that I love fall and have too much fun with my friend and photographer Amy while taking candid pictures: