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Oscar de LA Renta FW17

Definitely my cup of tea! Perfect mix of badassery and loveliness with it's innovative drapery and sewing styles mixing with fabrics of differing textures. 



NYFW Michael Costello FW17: Chiffon and Cheetos

The collection made for the fearless woman included winter white and black fabrics that included lace, silk, and chiffon. Textures were also mixed together, and included fringe, metallic beading, and fur.

The show started off mildly redundant, with similar sheer lace gown after sheer lace gown; however towards the middle of the show, when the more structured garments walked the runway it started showing more variety and promise. The collection as a whole was quite cohesive in terms of color, sex appeal, and its 70's flare. There were plenty of jumpsuits, afros, and sequined garments for the 70's disco divas, while there were also plenty of red carpet show pieces to go around. Despite its redundant beginning, the show proved to be sexy, fun, and inventive. 

The front row was also quite the show with a large Care Bear ("Cheer Bear") and blow up Barbie (@pandemonia99), along with A listers including model Shaun Ross, Carmen Carerra, and well known makeup artist Hrush Achemyan.

Although the fashion was sexy, fluid, and sharp, the after party was where the fun really happened! A listers included the front row crowd and Michael Costello himself.  The first thing Costello said when he walked in was "I BROUGHT THE CHEETOS!" to which everyone laughed. Popcorn bowls and poppin' champagne bottles were overflowing while conversations among guests flourished.

See the slideshow below for all of the fashion and fun from that night!

I was able to have genuine conversations with Carmen Carerra and Hrush and both were kind and so down to earth.  Hrush also put me on her snapchat that night!  I was able to have genuine conversations with Carmen Carerra and Hrush and both were kind and so down to earth.  Hrush also put me on her snapchat that night!  

My original article (quoted above) can also be found on www.UrbanMilan.com 

Gabriela Murphy-Goldberg
Instagram: @leatherlovelyph7

NYFW FW17: Art Hearts

Kendra L Saunders

Spring Fashion Week in New York is an entirely different animal from Fall Fashion Week. For one thing, there's not as much mass hysteria over it. Also, you have to dress in preparation for falling into a slush pond at least once while you walk to the shows you're attending.

In the evening of a dreary, slush February Saturday, I trudged from Brooklyn to the Lower East Side, for Art Hearts Fashion. Art Hearts, as you may remember from my article in the fall, is a bit of a mess. The venue, a historic and beautiful synagogue, seems to reach about 437 degrees in the humid New York summer heat. Luckily for all of us this time, it was February, and thus a more comfortable 164 degrees. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I had to take my coat off almost from the moment I walked in the door. Also fortunate: no models fell on the runway, no shows had to be paused to Windex things down, and no one stood up and drunkenly danced beside the stage.

It's the little things, really.

Much like the fall, the Art Hearts entrance procedure was a mess. Press wasn't given wristbands, and instead, we were all corralled upstairs on the balconies for free cocktails or beers. Considering how long we were up there, and that there were no food offerings, not even small snacks, it's safe to say a lot of people were wasted by the time the show started. Sidenote: The strawberry hard cider they offered was delicious, though. 10/10 do recommend.

The show started around an hour late. I found myself sitting in the third row with Jason Tez, a men's style blogger. We chatted a bit while waiting for the show to start, and I admit I feared the worst as the minutes ticked ever on and on and the show hadn't started. I'm glad to say that my fears were unfounded.

My first show of the night was by far my favorite fashion show so far this spring, Sheguang Hu. From the ethereal live vocalization of not one but two stunningly emotive musicians, to the light show, and finally to the clothes, the show was the most memorable I've yet witnessed.

Despite not understanding the narration or singing, the show drew me in and sunk brutal teeth deep into my soul. Haunting, otherworldly, emotive, painful at times, and uncomfortably alien, the collection transcended fashion and reached the top tier of art.

Beginning with transparent dresses and transparent hoods worn over the face, the show immediately threw us off kilter. Building from there, a nightmare unfolded in front of us, made up of exactly the sorts of things children are supposed to stop fearing when they grow up. Bordering on grotesque at times, especially when models walked the runway sporting extra ribcages poking out of their backs, or bent spines curving above their heads, it was a collection that you couldn't look away from. Was it wearable? Absolutely not. But it was the sort of experience no one will ever forget.

Sadly, the other shows of the night were not quite as memorable. 

Arzamendi Style presented a collection of mostly white and gold dresses. The pieces were far from bad, but a bit boring. The only piece that truly stood out to me was the last one, which featured a giant white confection of a fur jacket, and a mermaid tail sparkly dress. Even then, it wasn't anything we haven't seen before.

Rosete received heavy audience approval at the time it walked, but the incredibly small collection, featuring glorified bandage dresses, wasn't particularly memorable. The collection was cohesive, and a little edgy, at least. Later, after the show, I overheard a group of three audience members saying they were surprised by how short of a collection it was. I agree.

The last show I saw that night was Charles & Ron. If you remember my article from fall, you'll know I was obsessed with their fall presentation. This time around I felt that their collection was a bit less cohesive, but it still had some beautiful pieces. My favorites were the black and red and white wrap dress, the blue denim jacket with writing on the sleeve, and the sparkly black dress. Their pink and white feathery coat seemed to garner the most enthusiasm from the audience.

Sunday night I returned to Art Hearts for a few more shows. The schedule claimed the shows would start at 7pm, but I've learned my lesson about Art Hearts long ago. I arrived at 8, and the show hadn't started yet. After a quick drink, I fought my way down from the balcony like a fish swimming upstream. No joke. The staircases in that church become claustrophobic real fast when you pack a bunch of drunk style bloggers into them.

The first show was Emma Viedma. The collection seemed to heavily reference the 70s, sometimes a bit too much. Cheap psychedelic prints really brought the whole thing down, in my opinion. In my head, I just heard Nina Garcia saying, "But this doesn't look expensive!" Indeed, the prints looked like fabric you can grab at Jo Ann Fabrics, which is too bad, because the collection boasted some interesting craftsmanship and ideas. The green, fringy dress really stood out to me, ethereal and free and reminiscent of the 70s without being too on the nose. The blue and brown dress the designer wore for the show was one of my other favorite pieces from the collection.

Rene & Immanuel's show was strangely short and rushed. My friend Candice and I agreed that the collection was lacking any cohesion, was too rushed, and generally just a mess. Featuring only 7 looks, it won the award for worst print of the night: one of the dresses' skirt looked like it had been made from a Panera awning. No joke.

Vasilije Kovacev's collection was mostly menswear, and other than the strange executioner's hoods he paired with some of the looks, it was my favorite collection of the night. The menswear was the strongest aspect of the collection, and I especially liked the first three looks. The trousers were divine, with a rock and roll, post-apoc vibe that made me want to meet any man badass enough to wear them.

All in all, this year's Art Hearts showed improvement over last year. I would still love to see shows start closer to their scheduled time, and for snacks of some kind to be offered to people who are spending sometimes 8 hours in a crowded church, drinking and waiting.

The real takeaway? Look up Sheguang Hu's show immediately. Right now. And let me know if you find out who made that Strawberry cider, because I'd love to try it again... with some food on my stomach, this time.



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NYFW SS17: Art Hearts
By: Kendra L Saunders and Gabriela Goldberg

Ever since New York Fashion Week broke up from its centralized spot at the Lincoln Center, there's been a certain amount of disorganization hanging over the event. Unlike the Lincoln Center days, when street style fashionistas, photographers, models, designers, and gawkers could come together in one concentrated spot and celebrate fashion and art, now NYFW is spread across Manhattan. The street style suffers. The gawking is lessened. And some of the venues and shows suffer, as well.


Art Hearts was one of those shows.


Gabriela: Monday evening I was already running late from work and could be seen at Grand Central scrambling for the nearest cab. After texting my associate to see if I would make it in time, I come to find out that they have not allowed anyone to enter the building yet. It was already 6:50PM, and it was scheduled to start at 6:00PM sharp. When I arrive I see fellow blogger friends in line across the street on the sidewalk and eventually find my associate (who is Nicole Bell- women's couture designer-Nicole Bell Designs). It is not until 7:10PM that we are ushered across the street and onto the stairs to wait in line for access.

When we finally arrive inside it is thankfully cooled with air-conditioning and bustling with people. Monster beverages were in keg looking containers throughout the main floor and alcoholic beverages were being served upstairs.  We decided to stay on the main floor until seating arrangements were made, and ended up at a photo station where two male models were dressed in fun colored suits waiting to take pictures with everyone. Once seating had begun, we were told that press were to sit in the third and back row. As a member of the press having gone to multiple shows in the past, I stood waiting near the front for a front row seat to open up. Sure enough several front row seats opened up, which meant my photos and videos would be top notch. That did not detract from my (and others') observations however. In terms of production, the show was already to a bad start and no clothes even went down the runway yet! As discussed with a new friend of mine, Joan Erakit (@erakit__), the production staff was seating people and then de-seating them to move them after guests had already settled in. Another faux pas was the fact that they began an hour late and then continued with cocktail hour. I understand fashionable late, however delaying an entire hour so that your team can finally get clean photos of the venue while everyone is standing outside in the heat is inexcusable and unprofessional. But alas, the show went on, and the first set of designer shows were under way.

First on the runway was Hale Bob. As you can see from the video, the overall vibe was bohemian with a glamorous twist whether it be from beading to the use of velvet material. My favorite item from this collection was the navy blue velvet patterned romper. Compared to other collections this was the most fun and wearable. Second designer on the docket was Ibrahim Vukel. This entire collection was unfortunately cheap, redundant, and incohesive. The show started with long, slinky, mono-colored, fire pattern gowns and then abruptly changed up to a rose filled dress that looked like it was meant for a younger age group (time 0:29 in the video). A few of the models chosen for this show were also lacking confidence and looked like baby giraffes walking the runway. Finally, Sanja Bobar showed a never ending collection of formal gowns. The show started out with several see through, ill fitting gowns with cheap looking embroidery and "granny panty" undergarments. Then a beautiful lilac/lavender gown went down the runway (time 1:33 in the video) and captured my heart. The show appeared to thankfully show better garments as time progressed, however it backtracked significantly with the prom gone wrong dress in purple (time 3:01 in the video). This collection lacked cohesiveness and couture design. For a NYFW show, it also had WAY too many garments; people were yawning and checking their phones for the time about halfway through. 

After these first three designers showed, they had yet another cocktail "hour," disguised as an art display hour. It wasn't until around 10:10 that everyone was reseated for the next set of shows. Did I mention that the show should have ended by 10PM? Thankfully the first designer of the second "act" went off without a hitch. Fernando Alberto Atelier showed a range of garments from what looked like wedding "suits" for women along with wedding gowns, polyester appearing athleisure wear, and what appeared to be ill designed alien lingerie. There were two garments I liked out of this collection and they were in a category all their own (see times 2:55 and 4:42). 

Once Fernando Alberto's show finished, you could see everyone's excitement for the next show to start. Five minutes passed, then ten. Soon the majority of guests started to fidget in their seats and check their phones/watches for the time. When 20 minutes passed, multiple people, including front row VIPs, got up from their seats and left! This then triggered me to check the train schedule, when let me to find that I needed to leave as well in order to get home before the next day's lunch hour! At that moment, I not only felt a little panic for myself in regards to getting home that night, but I also felt disappointed for the up coming designers. Because of the poor production, the last two designers of the night (Elochee and Willfredo Gerardo) had a much smaller audience, and thus a smaller chance of publicity through numerous news outlets and VIP guests. Thanks to the digital age however, I was able to check the shows online the next week. When I saw the designs for Elochee, I was so upset that I did not see them in person! The entire collection was cohesive, full of confidence, and incorporated the perfect amount of "leather with lovely." ;-) The color scheme was simply black, white, and gray with a pop of color and dazzle here and there. Despite the simplicity of color, the designs were complex and creative. Don't let the words complex and creative fool you however! Most of these designs were completely wearable, and definitely eye turners. Did I mention the glorious ballet flat shoes they wore!? This collection was basically a 15/10 for me. Last but not least, Willfredo Gerardo's designs hit the runway. Quick side note about this designer. As I sat second row for the second showing, I became friends with the owner (Kim) of Diane & Company (formal wear boutique in NJ who dress @missmdteenusa @missmdusa and Miss USA, Pia!). She was dressed in Willfredo Gerardo's design and I was blown away with the style and quality of the garment. It was absolutely stunning! Although his show was the longest out of the day's designers, it didn't seem "never ending." There was always something new coming down the runway and the collection did not seem redundant. A few pieces were very similar, however their differences accounted for different women's silhouettes and seemed to be done on purpose. The overall feel of the collection was very Kim Kardashian, but I have to be honest. . . I didn't hate it! The designs were well constructed and accentuated the female figures quite beautifully. Of course with almost all collections, there are a few pieces that cause a little confusion (see time 4:00). Other than those 2 designs, the collection was gorgeous and luxurious. I will definitely be visiting Diane and Company for my next dress! If I don't use Rent the Runway of course ;-)

Kendra: Tuesday afternoon, I arrived downtown on time at the beautiful historic synagogue where Art Hearts was held. The building was stifling hot inside from the start, and chaos was on the menu from when I first walked through the door. The girls checking everyone in were very nice, as was the security, but the mood was one of confusion and stress. I was ushered up a winding staircase to the balconies on the second floor and encouraged to enjoy myself while I waited. As time ticked by, models practiced walking the runway below us, the tiny open bar offered a selection of vodka drinks, and the temperature seemed to rise by the minute. The show was running late, late, late, late.


More than an hour later than anticipated, everyone was seated, shuffled around, and then reseated to make sure the empty reserved chairs in the front row were filled. I was able to snag a chair saved for Whoopi Goldberg, and I started up a conversation with a lovely woman who works for Diesel. We bonded over fashion and confusion about what on earth was going wrong with the Art Hearts show.


Once the show finally began, we were treated to fashion by Trompeloeil Lisseth Corrao, and House of Byfield (links go to video of each show).  Trompeloeil's patterns were a bit less exciting and punchy than I had hoped, given the absolutely gorgeous scarf they gifted us in our swag bags.

Gabriela: I did not see the scarf, however just looking at the show I think the patterns were great in regards to ready to wear. and the makeup was fabulous. A few models were definitely lacking confidence on the runway though. 

Kendra: I did enjoy their makeup as well; a hint of Bowie's Aladdin Sane album cover came to mind by the colorful mascara-tear eyes. Lisseth Corrao's collection was sparkly, outrageous, and ultra feminine. It was definitely a standout moment for me, personally, as I love some drama, camp, and Barbie-ridiculousness in fashion. Sadly, her last name had been spelled wrong (Carreo) in the Art Hearts invitation email, and on some of the promotional materials, so I had a hard time tracking her down online when the show was over. House of Byfield's '70's color palette and flower power print didn't sit very well with me, though everyone around me agreed that the male models were some of the most beautiful- and diverse- we'd seen in a long time on the runway!

Gabriela: I also appreciate Lisseth Carrao's excessiveness in the show as a form of art, however 50% of the pieces were extremely tacky and took away from the artistic value of said excessiveness. Also, only a few models seemed like they knew the trade; the others were again a series of awkward baby giraffes. In regards to House of Byfield, most of the women's wear had  A LOT to be desired, but the men's wear was ON POINT. (My dad would rock the heck out of the suit at time 2:35). 

Kendra: By the time the first group of shows was over, we were sent back upstairs. I remained upstairs as long as I could; between the venue running out of ice, and the sweltering temperatures, I finally gave up and went outside for some fresh air. Thanks to the muggy weather, even standing outside wasn't much of a relief. Many guests didn't realize they could leave the building and return as long as they showed their bracelets, and found themselves lined up like sardines along the winding staircase inside the building. People were sweating, fanning themselves, and ready to stampede anyone in their path as soon as they were allowed to move back into the main room. Much, much later than scheduled, everyone was allowed to sit down for the next set of shows.


The second set of shows on Tuesday night were by Marta Zampolini, Rutu Bhonsle, and Charles and Ron. Marta Zampolini's athletic inspired line didn't wow me. The muted colors, the odd shapes, and the attempts at edginess fell flat, in my opinion. The highlight of the show was a knowing wink from the designer to the crowd, when a male model was sent out holding his phone and filming everyone in the audience. The moment would have been better received during a more exciting and memorable show, but it did at least draw some chuckles, and wake the audience back up a bit. Rutu Bhonsle's collection had some nice moments, especially with color combinations (a lot of orange and blue!), and floaty fabric choices, but all in all, it didn't feel very cohesive. The best show at Tuesday's Art Hearts, in my opinion, was Charles and Ron. The audience sat up and took notice when the primary-colored, punchy, beautiful, Dolce and Gabanna-esque clothes walked down the runway. Every model was styled beautifully in big sunglasses and cool accessories, and the clothes were stunning and memorable. The cheers for Charles and Ron were louder than for everyone else, and with good reason... the collection was superb. The cool-girl-on-European-holiday vibe is one that we all wish we could tap into from time to time... or every day.

Gabriela: I agree with Kendra on most of these marks. I still feel Elochee was the best out of the two days thus far, however I did thoroughly enjoy Charles and ROn's use of color and embroidery (see time 1:54 in their video). 

Kendra: Considering how late the shows were running, and how hot the building was, I, like many others, chose to duck out of Art Hearts before the last show on Tuesday night. Later, I ran into some photographers who were waiting for a train, and they told me one of the models for the Trompeloeil show had been sitting next to them for the rest of Tuesday evening. According to this model, Trompeloeil's designer didn't show up until 30 minutes before the show started, and the models were panicking backstage, thinking they wouldn't even be able to walk. This put the whole night's schedule off by a lot.

Wednesday night proved to be far more of a mess than Tuesday. Far more. The building was even hotter, and everyone was ushered upstairs again, where they crowded together and fanned themselves with whatever paper they could find. The food provided to us was absolutely delicious, provided by a Harlem baker. I've searched for her name, but can't seem to find it anymore... sad, because her strawberry cupcakes were a highlight of the night! Among the guests mingling upstairs, I saw America's Next Top Model Laura James, who was gracious enough to take a quick photo with me. She was super beautiful and sweet in person.

Downstairs in our seats, though, the most dramatic aspect of the night was about to begin... and it didn't involve the runway!

A man in a reserved, front row seat spent most of the set-up time for the first show dancing in his seat, whooping loudly, and waving his arms around. My first thought was he'd had a few too many free drinks. However, once the first show began and his behavior didn't improve, I began to wonder if he might be under the influence of something stronger than alcohol. This man, who appeared to be in his early 30s, stood up and leaned close to the runway as a model walked, attempting to snap pictures while cheering and whooping. The small entourage of people with him grabbed for him and coaxed him to sit back down, but they were unable to do anything about his boisterous outbursts, and flailing dance moves. Within a few minutes of his behavior, everyone behind and around him became uncomfortable. We looked around for security, confused about why he wasn't being removed. All we could do was laugh in horror at his unprofessional antics, and many of us filmed him in disbelief. After the first runway show, though, the chaos of our front-row-clubber wasn't enough. The show had to be put on pause so the runway could be cleaned. Two models had almost slipped, so employees from the venue rushed out and sprayed the runway with Windex, climbing up on and around it to wipe it down with paper towels. I watched guests walk away, some to get more food from upstairs, some to leave entirely. An announcer kept asking people to sit back down, and not to leave, warning them that if they left their chair, they wouldn't be able to claim their chair again. From what I could see, this threat wasn't enough to stop several people from leaving. Through this, the guy in the front row continued to have random outbursts. Finally, he stumbled out of his chair and approached someone else in the front row. A security guard walked over and pulled him aside, prompting cheers from almost everyone on that side of the building. We were sure he would finally be removed.

The most shocking part of this ordeal? The man cried, pointed at his seat, and spoke to the security people for a few minutes. He was then escorted back to his seat and allowed to sit back down. He returned to whooping and hollering and being generally obnoxious. An older woman sitting behind him turned to me and said, "Do you think for a minute I would be allowed to behave that way without being thrown out?" It was embarrassing at best. Once the last of the first set of shows finished, I realized how late the night would be (the first show started close to 7pm, over two hours late), and left. On my way out, I asked a security person why the man had been allowed to stay. She told me that she'd given him a warning, and had informed him that if he acted up again, he'd be kicked out. I never was able to find out if she followed through on that threat, or just who he knew that allowed him to get away with such embarrassing behavior. I guess having a reserved seat allows for protection against a lot of unprofessional antics.

Gabriela and Kendra: It is unfortunate when a few great designers have to suffer due to poor production. I hope Art Hearts can get their production skills up to par next season if they plan to host shows again next year. For now, though, we have to say the whole thing was a disastrous mess, despite some excellent designers showing there.


iBE: Indie Beauty Expo 2016

Check out my video below for my experience, and a written article here: http://www.urbanmilan.com/indiebeautyexpo2016.html

Fun, Fearless, Female
All You Need to Know About Fun Fearless Life with Cosmopolitan Magazine
DATE: 11/14/15
LOCATION: Hearst Tower, NYC

Outfit Details: Irregular Choice "When in Gnome" Mary Jane heels, Navy blue knee highs, Forever 21 high waisted A line mini skirt, Forever 21 black V neck basic long sleeve shirt, and Forever 21 burgundy Moto Jacket with fur collar

Right off the bat, you are probably wondering why I am just posting about the conference now instead of 2 months ago when it happened. . . and that is definitely understandable. Last year I wrote about it right away to get the news out about what this event was all about. This year however, I wanted to write more of a reflective piece. I wanted to try and use what I learned first, then write about how effective it was and how efficient I was at using the advice I was given. On top of all of the new friends I made (I see you Jenny the Pharmacist ;-)!!) , faces being put with twitter pals (xoxo Loni and Kara!), and getting killer makeup advice with a killer goodie bag,  there were three select campaigns that really dug into my brain this year (PS I have been working on my power pose from Amy Cuddy since 2014- so definitely look her up too! haha) . Here were the three campaigns that really struck me: 

"To make your mark, you have to be yourself. You can't be anybody else" - Aliza Licht.
"If change doesn't hurt a little, it's NOT change. You have to go beyond where you're comfortable, or you're not progressing" - Aliza Licht. 

Her entire speech struck me because it was about how to be professional, productive, and social media savvy. I ended up buying her book, which was chock full of great advice for the young, blossoming professional that I am. A lot of information I already knew through trial and error or common sense (like not having your mother/father call and get a job for you when you graduate college, despite any connections they may have), however there were a few gems that were new to me, which I will most definitely keep with me. This is a MUST DO [ ;-) ] so definitely buy her book if you are a budding professional in any work force! Also, not only did I find a great book full of stories and killer professional advice, I gained a twitter friend =)! Aliza Licht is the most honest, down to earth woman I have ever met in the professional world of fashion. She even had us (her twitter friends) looking for a coffee table for her. . . because she makes us feel welcome enough to WANT to do that. I admire her genuine nature, and ambition for success; and these two attributes are what I have taken away from her inspirational stories and integrated them even more so in my life than they already are. 

"When I'm in my authentic truth i am not concerned about what other people think of me because i know my truth is enough." -Gabrielle Bernstein

Don't compare yourself with others. I have trouble with this all of the time, and Nick always tells me to stop comparing myself with others. We see our friends and random people all over the internet doing all of these great things and we automatically think "why am I not doing that?" We then forget what we have accomplished ourselves that they probably haven't. We lose our sense of selves on the internet because we try to be better than everyone else out there visually. Instagram is a farse. Don't get me wrong, I fucking love instagram. #foodporn is genius. However, when it takes 8 photos and 10 minutes to create the perfect filter to then show the world "who you are". . . you are losing the entire concept. This is something that since the conference I have been working on. Instead of seeing someone going on a vacation and feeling a little green about it, I think back to my trip to Israel and all of the friends I made there. I think about the PhD I am working towards which is why I don't have a lot of free time to backpack across Europe. I think about my long term goals, and why they are making me happy in the know while I am on my journey to accomplish those goals. 

"ACTUALLY SHE CAN".- Actually She Can Campaign

At the event, the only thing you feel is empowerment from this campaign. The fun colors and illustration booth draw the women together where great conversations were had and friends were made. However, when I arrived home and did more research, I found out that the Actually She Can campaign is directed by a pharmaceutical company, so right off the bat I was not happy to find this out. At the event this was not exactly advertised so I was under the impression that this was just a recent start up company going large with a campaign for change in women's lives. I had a wonderful time talking with the staff (as you can see below in their videos I am in :D!) and getting an illustration done by the fun and bubble artists they had on staff. However after going home and doing more research about them, I feel that their website is a roundabout clickbait fest for their medication Lo Loestrin Fe. I am discouraged by this, because what was once thought to be a caring campaign for the well being of women, is just an advertising ploy for a pharmaceutical company. I am a little sad that Cosmopolitan magazine personnel did not see this coming from the company. I think the overall message we woman obtained from the conference was good, however when we then later go to https://actuallyshecan.com/ after the conference, we are bombarded with medication ads. Despite this, it actually fueled me to start writing my own book about what I am passionate about: Women's empowerment through education in all aspects of life. There are so many pieces of knowledge that women today do not have because society tells them they do not need to know them at this early age. They have to find out later, and most of the time after the fact when a mistake occurs, because society tells us that we do not need to know these things. I have been lucky to be brought up by two parents who took me around everywhere and fueled my inquisitive mind, and had such an enriching college experience, so that I had a lot of answers ahead of time and avoided a few mistakes. However, even now when feminism is everywhere, women are still being left uneducated about the simple things in life. So get ready for when my book comes out, because I will have everything you need to know, and should've been taught earlier in life. #lifesavvywoman #educateearly


Blushes, Bronzers, and Baddie Winkle
All You Need to Know About BEAUTYCON NYC
DATE: 10/17/15

Outfit Details: RED Valentino Skirt, navy blue tights from The Loft, Ballerina flats in navy blue suede from Ugg, random no name Pajama shirt (yes that's a grey pajama shirt! haha), burgundy Forever 21 Moto Jacket with fur collar, and burgundy Coach bag c. 2009. 
Friend details: Makeup artist and Stylist Zoe Renee; @zoereneestyle on Instagram and twitter!

This was my first year going to Beauty Con and let me tell you. . . I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR! So many familiar faces from magazines, youtube, and events that were in close range! This was quite an immersive event to where you can not only see your favorite vloggers and makeup artists being part of panels on the main stage, you could actually do "meet and greets" with them at their designated booths and on the main floor where all of the vendors were located. If this wasn't enough to get you excited, the amount of free swag should get your mind spinning! Samples galore for everyone (including the beautycon BFF box for those who bought a special ticket) and all you have to do is listen to the information (which is mostly useful!) or download their apps. This may seem overwhelming and a downer when all you might want are samples to enrich your skin/hair/makeup stash, however the information you gain from the brand representatives is not the least bit generic. Each rep knew about every product in detail and the apps Beauty Con enlisted as part of their vendor list were fucking badass. Youcam Makeup and Airbrush were my favorite app vendors; Youcam because the actual app is so much fun and precise when adding features, and Airbrush because they had a photo booth with a bigass unicorn ^_^ Finally, another cool booth that was not product related was the Awesomeness TV booth where they held auditions for a swag bag and a chance to have your own show on their channel! I did an audition (obviously) and fingers crossed! 




Now as you can tell I am not vomiting rainbows about the teeny bopper vlogging talent because I need to be honest with you and let you know now that I just started watching them the day before Beauty Con. I was unaware of the influence they have on the lives of young men and women (not including strictly makeup artists who have videos for makeup because I def use those!) so for this blog post I will focus on the vendors and a few famous people I definitely knew and were excited to gain insight from. I will update the blog with insight from the vlogging talent as inspiration comes ^_^ (see photos at right). 


Nowwwwww to the Beauty Con vendors which included the following: 

As you can see, THERE WERE SO MANY VENDORS THERE!!! Thus, so many to choose from. As you can also see, there were food, internet and DIY vendors as well. Speaking of DIY vendors, Mr. Kate was a fantastic find at BeautyCon. The founding woman Kate was all about the "why not?" and bringing weird into the spotlight: "I've always been a creative weirdo. . . I'm all about redefining normal things one project at a time" -Kate, Mr. Kate. Her products include a book filled with easy DIY that are crafty and classy, adorable jewelry (Kate is a metalsmith!), and rad flash tattoos that range from fun words to rainbow arrows to specs of freckled glitter!  Oh and of course one other totally random fun event happened. . . . which was truthfully the biggest reason I went to my first beauty con....... I GOT TO MEET BADDIE WINKLE and HER GRANDDAUGHTER KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kennedy was also wearing a 90's getup that was basically singing to my soul and making my fashion heart melt with joy with all of the LISA FRANK!!! photos of me (and my girl Zoe Renee-look her up she is awesome- @zoereneestyle) mad cheezin below:

Now to makeup and hair! One of the coolest challenges I saw was part of the CIBU booth where they were giving away $500 worth of product to the first 5 people who cut their hair into PIXIE HAIRSTYLES! I was tempted but the love my boyfriend has over my long hair won the battle haha Other booths like Shea Moisture had fun caricature artists, while others had makeup booths with artists to introduce you to their products and how to apply them. Two of my favorite new brands I discovered at Beauty Con were Winky Lux (which literally launched the day before!) and Nude Stix. Believe it or not, the only thing I bought at Beauty Con was a Winky Lux (@winky_lux) Velour Matte Lipstick in "Mermaid" because the color was so beautiful and the formula was so smooth! It's a beautifully deep emerald shade that matches my "mermaid-esque" hair perfectly. The line for free lip Nude Stix in the colors introduced to me by Nitsan (the artist I got, who was so nice and informative, not to mention gorgeous herself), was beyond OMEGA LONG. Girls were standing in a line that made a snake and lasted over an hour! I had too much networking to do to wait that long, however I (and you!) can find them on QVC.com for a special price which I intend to take advantage of. BTW The colors I was intro'd to were whisper and mystic for the Lip/Cheek pencils (which were more like crayons). I also received a "butter" lipstick from NYX in a purple shade that is really nice! Look for it soon in my Makeup Reviews page. 

I was also able to gain interviews with Gabriel Almodovar and Angel Merino (aka macdaddy makeup artist) as well which will be on my Makeup How-To's page very soon!

Fashion wise I have to say I was not too impressed. This is definitely more of a makeup event, and I do realize this; however I was expecting more fashion game at least from the Vloggers who were the talent. Most dressed way more casual than I expected. Don't get me wrong, they didn't look like they rolled out of bed or anything, however they were much more laid back and simple than I expected. Maybe this was to remain relatable to their audience and not to seem overwhelming? I am unsure. The ones that did "dress up" did a little too much I feel. This is a beauty event, but lets be real; It's not fashion week so this isn't an all you want to wear pass haha Nowwww when we look at the audience and brand talent, I definitely saw some killer style! There was one woman wearing all black but with varying textures like ribbed leather, thick leggings, and a chiffon top which showed some killer textile pairing skill. On the men's side, Gabriel Almodovar was dapper as fuck in his Cole Haan sneaker loafers (which I have at home haha) and pant suit; definitely the best dressed there (aside from me and Zoe haha jk jk). 

Random unexpected pro: PARENTS LOUNGE WAS THE SHIT! I am over 21 so the free booze was definitely a helper when it came to the one con I had for this event- the immaturity of young children who were the main audience of the vlogging talent. There was unnecessary pushing and shoving occasionally, however it was nothing to put a damper on my day ^_^

All in all this was a fabulous event and I cannot wait to go back!  

Building an Empire with Anita Rincón: American Dream Book Launch

Here are photos from the event!

DATE: 9/13/15






As many of you know, Papyrus is my favorite paper goods company. If you want to be stylish and fashion forward, you know I always say start with the hand written note- and always go with Papyrus! This is why I was so excited to find out they were having a #celebratestylishly NYFW brunch with Marianna Hewitt (lifestyle blogger) as a celebrity guest, at NYFW HQ next to Milk Studios in NYC.

First though, let's talk about my outfit for the day. The entire emphasis of my blog is that I love balancing feminine touches with masculine ones and adding a pop of color. Thus I paired this delicate lace dress by laundry (by Shelli Segal) and Kate Spade champagne bucket handbag, with a leather vest, black strappy heels, and a colorful head piece with my blue hair. This outfit was also found in the top posts section of instagram for the hashtag #nyfwstreetstyle that day!!! I am quite proud of this accomplishment; not just because it was a top post, but because there are rarely ladies my size in that category (nyfw street style) being photographed or liked enough on instagram to be a top post. 

Now onto the Papyrus event itself...


Once I walked into the room and registered, I felt like I walked into the card store itself. The room was bright and colorful, and the people running the brunch were kind and wanted to make sure you got the most out of the event. A significant perk to the event was the Papyrus Swag you received. There were a multitude of new, up and coming cards, as well as a box set of note cards with Papyrus's NYFW insignia, a pack of party napkins that were used at the event, and a wine bag to match! They also had a spread of NYFW news information and newspapers to grab as well. The small book alone was worth the trip to brunch because it included everything and anything you needed to know about all of the designers and fashion week mechanics. Bellini's and bottles of Argo Tea were the beverages of choice with oodles of adorable snack sized brunch foods being passed out throughout the event. A side note to this, is that I ended up using one of the notecards to write a fan letter to Drew Barrymore when I saw her at FTL MODA in the front row! I wrote a little note in the fabulous papyrus card, walked right up to her and handed it to her! She was so nice when taking it too. I was a little scared she might think I was totally weird in giving it to her, however she thanked me and said it was sweet =) without calling security hahaha. There were also little "spots" of activities throughout the space. There was a photo booth where you could take fun pictures with friends and with Marianna, a small bar to get your delicious bellini's, a long card station to write cards to loved ones-stamps on them;)-, a NYFW backdrop for#streetstyle photos, a tresemme booth for free hairdo's, and an art installation (which was created separate from the Papyrus event, but loved by me all the same). 
All in all I was very happy with the Papyrus brunch event and I hope they have it next season! 
PS: I also ended up making a great new friend from this brunch! We met at the brunch and ended up spending the entire day together! We went to the Chanel "Meet your Boyfriend" pop up and she introduced the Chelsea Market to me, which included this amazing Italian/homemade pasta restaurant Giovanni Rana. We also hit up Arts and Fleas marketplace which I cant wait to go back to! FTL MODA was a great addition as well :D

DATE: 9/12/15

Let me start by saying the designer Stevie Boi is simply put, a good guy. He was kind enough to give me my first celebrity interview after NYFW in February, and he helped me gain access to his show by letting me know how to RSVP. On top of that, he posed with me after the show for a photo opp for the blog. 
Okay, enough of me babbling about my appreciation ;) Let's get to the collection! Stevie Boi's shades went from dramatic and badass with a bedazzled pair of gun glasses, to 1960's-esque with floral circular shades, to 1970's-esque with large white shades, and then to sexy pinup with multiple types of cat eye shades. Every model showed them with attitude and flare, which added to the esthetic. For more information on Stevie Boi's products and to buy his products, visit this link: http://www.stevieboi.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html !

This show was also done in collaboration with Tiffany Rae who created the clothing and kick-ass chest pieces that were a part of the CR3AM runway presentation. The chest pieces were also made out of leggos!!! How cool is that?! She also had wedge sandals on made with leggos as well ;)! She makes a lot of things custom and out of "out of the box" materials. If you go to her site there is more information on how to do that (http://www.tiffanyraedesigns.com/). On her site you can also see some crazy awesome shoe creations! 

JAMES NOVA PHOTOGRAPHY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/j-no/ 
CHECK OUT his other photos too! He does a great job!

DATE: 9/16/15

Prior to the show beginning, everyone was mingling on the runway. Photographers taking pictures of everyone in costume and celebrities trying to get to their front row seats with security in close range. Even the photographers on the riser waiting for the show to begin couldn't help but feed off of the anticipation. Soon after, everyone was brought to their seats for the show to begin. Lights off, and a moment of silence . . . then the music started. From the moment "Walk like an Egyptian" played through the speakers, the excitement became like a wave through the audience. 

The first several pieces were adorned with gold metallic accents from soft petals to badass spikes. The Blonds know how to make a statement; and that was just the beginning. Lustrous mermaid green/purple metallics, intricate black beading, and hues of turquoise were also colors and textiles chosen to be woven within the show. Basically, this show was like taking Egyptians to a dance party, and it was fabulous. Oh and did I mention their line was called "Egyptian Disco"; how fitting! Apparently, the duo went to see the MET's exhibit on ancient Egypt and became obsessed with the idea. They created their collection all the way down to the fake nails the models wore. One set actually included a sample of Philippe Blond's hair!

The collection alone was crazy fun, artistic, and inspiring. But you know what really makes this show pop? The fun the designers have with it, and the audience they draw in. Bette Midler, Kelly Osbourne, and Amanda Lepore just to name a few. Other audience members dressed up like going to a comic con just to see the show. This is the kind of show that makes me fall in love with NYFW each season all over again. The fun and exciting shows like this, that give you a look into the genuine love and passion the designers have for their work and their talent. Can't wait to see what is in store next time!


PS: please excuse the sideways photos ;) 

DATE: 9/13/15

ART HEARTS is another one of my favorite shows to go to during New York Fashion Week. One reason is because it isn't even just one show! They have multiple functions during fashion week including the NYFW ART HEARTS GALA which was held last night on 9/16/15. Another reason I love it so much is that the big show itself is like FTL MODA that has multiple designers with different visions that show their collections in a seamless fritz free fashion.  The designers that showed their collections at ART HEARTS this year were: Mister Triple X, Gregorio Sanchez, Tarek Sinno, Cary Santiago, and Zachary Nathaniel. Each had a vision all their own from gothic glam gowns, to mexican culture inspired flare wear. 

Mister Triple X started the show and designer Erik Rosete unveiled his "Vortex" collection. Metallic luster was the center piece to this collection along with the designer's signature prop- bunny ears. After Mister Triple X, a collection of evening gowns ruled the runway that had an air of Edgar Allen Poe) with their dark hues and leather incorporation. The next collection on the runway had the same "rebellious" feel of Mister Triple X, however it came off as more of a "gothic glam." These designs were created by Zachary/Nathaniel who incorporated a lot of plunging necklines, leather (which I LOVE), and dark hues despite the collection being for spring and summer. The best part about his designs was the expert use of fabrics with differing texture to make them flow into each other. Another line of MET GALA-esque gowns came next and were designed by Tarek Sinno. This time however, the gowns were made with brighter hues in colors of blue, red, and gold. Each gown had an exquisite amount of detail unique to each of them. I make the remark "MET GALA-esque" because each gown spotlighted femininity with extravagant detailing that exhibited a high amount of structure. The use of such different colors, and unique ideas to each gown really showed the designer's wide range talent!) Following these two gown collections was Gregorio Sanchez who showed his collection which flourished with Mexican culture. Hand embroidered floral detailing in bright and vibrant colors were a beautiful contrast to the black and white color geometric palette of the clothing. The choices of garment pieces, like pencil skirts with slits and ruffle collared skirts, were romantic and feminine.  The bold colors that were a part of the beautiful hand embroidered details were fun and vibrant. The only drawback I have with this collection is the type of fabric he chose in certain garments. I like when there are differing textures in an ensemble, however the shiny fabric he chose for certain garments did not make his lines look nice; and thus the model did not look right in the garments.  By lines by the way, I do not mean sewing seams; I am speaking of how the garment "sits" on the model when walking and standing. There are parts of the garment that smudge or wrinkle together that shouldn't, and thus the "lines" do not look clean.  Last but certainly not least was Cary Santiago. To simply call him an artist is an understatement. Through his artistic talent, he not only created dramatic gowns that caught everyone's eye, he created works of genius. His artistic eye was versatile to say the least. His use of color and texture, as well as drapery was superb  to where you wondered where he started and how he folded and sewed everything together. From a Maleficent-esque gown with a plunging sweetheart neckline and off the shoulder cuffs made of feather shapes appliques,  to an extravagant metallic headdress and costume you need to see for yourself. 

DATE: 9/13/15

FTL MODA has to be one of my two favorite shows at New York Fashion Week. There are multiple designers to see and the show is always cultivated with wonderful designers; and on top of this the show is seamlessly produced without any glitches. Also, there are guaranteed celebs to spot in the front rows. This year I spotted Stevie Boi, Tiffany Rae, and.....Drew Barrymore!  Drew Barrymore even wore one of the designer's creations (Carmen Steffans) to her appearance at the fashion show. In addition to all of these great features to the show, the best is the equal opportunity you see on the catwalk. FTL MODA believes that anyone despite their life difficulties should walk the catwalk. Thus they have people with prosthetic limbs, lower limb paralysis , and down syndrome walk/wheel down the runway this year. Madeline Stewart was a special treat to walk for Hendrik Vermeulen; she even gave high fives when she walked down the runway (and I got one! :D ). 

Now lets get down to the designs I saw at FTL MODA and ART HEARTS shows which were held in the Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station. 

The designers that showed for FTL MODA were the following: 
Carmen Steffans
Andrea Wild
Hendrik Vermeulen
Alexandra Frida
Archana Kochhar

Anna's Loud

My favorite designers for this show were Hendrik Vermeulen who created more of an artistic awareness presentation then just a fashion line, and Alexandra Frida who created a fun, spunky, and colorful line of clothing. The rest of the collections are listed with pictures in no particular order of favoritism! haha



<--  Hendrik Vermeulen

Hendrik Vermeulen called his SS16 line "I AM WATER" and its goal was to bring awareness about the importance of protecting our oceans! Every piece of clothing had an air of oceanic wildlife. From scale cut patterns, to gills on a ball gown. The artistic expression was fabulous and the colors were beautiful! 













Alexandra Frida -->

Alexandra Frida is an Amsterdam based designer and is the only one at NYFW from there! Her line was loud, crazy, and full of color. High waisted bouncy mini skirts and bomber jackets ruled the runway with her signature geometric patterns. Her line was like Betsey Johnson for fun modern adults! 









A clothing line had a strong essence of ruggedness and nature. There was even a beautiful redhead that looked very similar to the heroine Merida in BRAVE by Disney! There was also a classic, beautiful and poised model from the 1960's, Linda Morand. 






A designer who has a celebrity fan in the audience! Drew Barrymore arrived wearing Carmen Steffans designs and sat front row to see her show. Florals and cutouts ruled the runway when her garments hit the catwalk. 
Photos from: 












Fluid fabrics and basic colors were the base for this line. Classy, modern elegance was also definitely the feel for this collection. There was also an air of Olivia Pope with that white cape dress! ;-)



















Intricate bead and lace work, and truly organic fabric were incorporated in this collection. The information I obtained from the designer's "best friend" in the front row was that the designer used a truly organic method of obtaining silk for her fabric. The method allows for the silk worms to live while the designer obtains the silk for their fabric. This is pretty amazing science and I plan on finding out more from the designer herself!

DATE: 9/10/15-9/12/15

Aaahhh New York Fashion Week. Heels click-clacking down the streets of Soho, models trying to recuperate after days of hard work and play with no sleep, and blazing lights with blaring music for runway magic. My first stop during fashion week was Style Fashion Week being held at Gotham Hall in NYC. Style  Fashion Week was a different kind of NYFW presentation where everything was held in one building. There was a press lounge for recharging of our electronics so that we can keep posting about the collections, a reception lounge with a flowing free open bar to mingle with celebrities and other guests, and the catwalk itself. There were about 25 designers showing at Style Fashion Week, however due to my full school schedule I was only able to see a fraction of them. Despite this minor drawback to my "real life" there are plenty of great collections that await your eyes below!



Nancy Vuu

This was by far the most energized and fun runway show I saw the entire week thus far. The energy from not only the music and crowd, but the excited parents was amazing. Instead of the typical fashion show where audience members are encouraged to keep quiet and watch, this show energized the crowd to dance in their seats and cheer on the children as they walked down the runway. Oh! I surprised you there didn't I? Yes, Nancy Vuu is a children's clothing designer, and I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing the show was! Little Marie Antoinettes and Prince Charmings strutted their stuff down the runway in beautiful and colorful designs. From ball gowns, to flowing chiffon gowns and intricate little prince coats this line was like a fairy tale of fashion. 







Marco Marco-
Check out the video here: https://instagram.com/p/7jyCNBm4C9/?taken-by=leatherlovelyph7

Although I was unable to see this show in person, I did have a photographer on the inside, a kind fellow by the name of Pierre Brown, who was kind enough to send me the finished photos. There were also plenty of videos for the show on instagram and the internet! From what I saw, I am so mad at myself for not going! I was exhausted from the days before and had work to do so I can't complain to much for the day of rest, however this show looked fabulous!!! Drag queens left and right, bright neon colors with strong uses of black, and sassy walks down the runway. And lets not forget the ballet jumps! So much fun and so much attitude. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! 
Models who walked include: Brooklyn Ford, Miss Fame, Ryan Burke, Bradley Miller, Dylan Monroe, Dean Modah, Isis King, Angel Rose, Gizelle Extravaganza, Alexia Ceresani, Digna Shei, Rhea Litre, Detox, Milk, Seth Fornea, Vinny Vega, Willy Winkle, Boomer Banks, Matty Magiacomo, Ronnie Brown, Brandon Cole Bailey, Joshua Brickman, Laurent Marchand, Jason Wimberly, Anthony Javier Savoy, Addison Ector, James Whiteside, and Courtney Act





Glaudi by Johanna Hernandez

Black, white, red and pink with a hint of navy blue. This collection was filled with ready to wear professional to black tie affair looks that encompassed monochromatics as well as multicolored patterns. My favorite is the one navy blue ensemble that used an elegant swirl pattern with what looked like sequins. 















This was a ready to wear line made right here in America! Simple lines, liquid flowing fabrics and edgy leathers, with monochromatic color schemes were the base for this collection. Overall I was underwhelmed artistically in respects to this being a NYFW presentation, however in respect to "ready to wear" I would definitely put some of these items in my closet-if I had the budget. Items range from $300-$2000! For the simplicity of the line, I find the pricing to be too much personally.















Nikki Lund

Nikki Lund was another ready to wear line that was shown right after Anje. This line however, was able to show its "ready to wear-ness" with artistic flair. There were specific outfits that I absolutely loved because they incorporated my favorite style rule: using feminine and edgy masculine touches at the same time. My favorite two looks are shown in the first two photos. One is a black monochromatic outfit with differing textures between lace and leather. The overall cut (with ruffles in the back too!) and use of lace is very feminine, however the use of leather gives it some edge. My second favorite is a flowy lavender and off white dress with an army type jacket in denim. Also, the best presentation of artistic flair was in the last bathing suit/lingerie look where gold appliqué and a decorated train were incorporated. 









Control Sector
Check out the video here:
and here: 

Control Sector is a streetwear brand that just began being developed 18 months ago. I spoke with Luke Deehihan, one of the founders, and he told me that the SS16 collection was named Laniakea after The Laniakea Supercluster. The Laniakea Supercluster is a galaxy supercluster that is home to the Milky Way, which is our galaxy. The name laniakea means "immeasurable heaven" in Hawaiin, which stems from lani for "heaven" and akea for "spacious" or "immeasurable".




Uwi Twins

From the life difficulties they faced in Rwanda as children, these two brothers beat the odds and became fashion designers of today. They were originally captured during war times in Rwanda as children and were later able to escape. Their show kept to their roots and began with a drumming and dance that came from their original culture. The line itself was a sophisticated street style with black and white as the main colors of choice. 






Ok first off, I am going to let you know that I dislike this line very very much. I can't say I "hated" it because I did enjoy one fabric pattern that was black with gold details. By the name I figured it was going to be fun clothing to go out dancing in, however I was sorely mistaken. Out came ridiculously smiling models with shapeless "COUNTRY CLUB" garb on. These were the same models that had fierce facial expressions and walks with the other designers, so you know Clubwear made them smile like that. It was unnatural and sometimes scary looking. On top of that, their use of props was just so bad. For a person who plays tennis (i.e. ME) their use of tennis racquets and stance form was  so sad. Yes, I am aware that they do not actually play tennis and it was for photos, but the models were made to look like little stepford house wife puff balls with not one ounce of independence. Clubwear's presentation made it look like women were incompetent and basically idiots. Let alone the fact that one model could have smacked a front row seated guest in the face with her gold club.  







Microfashion to celebrity fashion. This event was filled with bright dry fit performance gear, adorable chocolate spilled kid's clothes, and down to earth/hip celebrity fashion. Little tikes running around on the courts looking like little professionals, while at the same time getting to play with actual tennis professionals. There was also face painting, hair braiding, balloon animal making, & contests abound! Here are a few of the little people I found to be oh so adorable at the US OPEN #AAKD:







 Zac Barnett  &nbsp;© COPYRIGHT 2015 LEATHER LOVELY PH7

Zac Barnett





 "Rogue Eyewear"  ALEX ANGELO   &nbsp;© COPYRIGHT 2015 LEATHER LOVELY PH7

"Rogue Eyewear"

Now onto the fashionable celebrities. The Arthur Ashe Kids Day festivities were hosted by fitness guru Shaun T and Disney Radio star Brooke Taylor. Celebrities that I met with during this event included the band American Authors, singer Natalie La Rose, and DJ/Singer/Mashup Makerrrrr Alex Angelo. 

Alex Angelo is a talented fellow from Cleveland who loves supporting his peers and local artisans. When asked about his badass stylin' sunglasses, he was more than happy to tell me that his friend created the label who makes them. The glasses label is called "Rogue Eyewear" (http://www.rogue-eyewear.com/). Also, despite being a young artist at just 14 years of age, he is staying true to himself and not relying on a stylist to design his image. As plainly as he stated it "No I don't have a stylist, this is my style and I dress myself. I like supporting my friends with their new designs too; they send them to me and I am more than happy to wear it if I like it."  Such designs include his awesome Rogue shades. 

Natalie La Rose was basically a sexy, tall, long legged beauty queen with the sweetest attitude. Not only did she make my day by complimenting my "whole look", she also carried on a nice conversation during the interview process like the other artists did=). A style confession of hers was that she "[is] jealous of gingers because of their natural red hair; I absolutely love red hair." I guess that is why she dyes her hair that beautiful vibrant red! :D She also got into the tennis spirit by creating her own crop top and pairing it with a professional tennis skirt! Mind you the heels are more for style than performance ;)

 Natalie La Rose  &nbsp;© COPYRIGHT 2015 LEATHER LOVELY PH7

Natalie La Rose

 Lead singer Zac Barnett, Guitarist James Adam Shelley, Bassist Dave Rublin, and Drummer Matt Sanchez make up American Authors who are based in Brooklyn. The band includes a few members who grew up going to the US Open as well, and how fitting as they were co headlining at the US OPEN ARTHUR ASHE KIDS DAY. When asked if they have a stylist, the lead singer Zac Barnett piped up right away stating "Oh, I am the stylist of the group;" after which, the bassist Dave adds that "he motivated all of us to dress a lot better, and then we put our own spins on it." James also cracked a joke stating, "Oh yea, Zac helps me put my pants on every morning one leg at a time!" PS: Matt Sanchez was totally rocking the man bun. This group was fun to talk to and showed a great dynamic as peers. 

 American Authors  &nbsp;© COPYRIGHT 2015 LEATHER LOVELY PH7

American Authors

It is also great when people in the music business are able to express their true style without the hinderance of a stylist constantly worrying about "their image." Also, not only did they have great style, they had great artistic tattoos! As per Zac Barnett, "My tattoos are a combination [of spontaneity and meaning], however I think it is best when a tattoo has a little of both at the same time. "

 Matt Sanchez  &nbsp;© COPYRIGHT 2015 LEATHER LOVELY PH7

Matt Sanchez

 Zac Barnett  &nbsp;© COPYRIGHT 2015 LEATHER LOVELY PH7

Zac Barnett


For a brand that is as well established around the world as Swatch, i was surprised to find out that they base themselves on exclusivity. The 25th anniversary party for Swatch Club was filled with loyal members from its genesis to the present. Their mentality is that they need to celebrate those loyal to the brand, and not use this event to simply draw attention to their brand. Sure, they love the fact that media is present to make the Swatch Club more well known; however the party itself was more of a celebration of those who helped create Swatch Club and aid in its prosperity, those customers who were loyal from the beginning, and those recently added to their Swatch Club family. The focal point of the party were the two limited edition watches that were created to celebrate this 25th anniversary. One of them was only available to loyal Swatch Club members who attended the event, and the other one was available to party goers for pre-publicly launch purchase. The watch that was available for pre-public launch purchase will be available in stores come the end of April 2015. 

The party was filled with music new and vintage, as well as a variety of art expressions. From flash metallic tattoos, to artists creating graffiti and large decorative watches as the party progressed around them. Photo booths and airbrushed tattoos were also fun touches to the evening. The Marquee has a great open space with a floor plan great for a party of this stature, and also had a great lighting system to where you could walk without bumping into people but at the same time feel as if you attended a fun, exclusive event 

NY fashion week 2015

Art Hearts Fashion Show at NYFW 2015:
Bunny ears, Fur, and Sexy Looks That Will Make You Purr!

Like FTL Moda, the Art Hearts fashion show was a conglomerate show with multiple designers. The designers that presented were Mister Triple X, Walter Mendez, House of Li Jon, House of Byfield, Hallie Sara, Mimi Tran, and MT Costello. Although the show was divided by having separate designers, all of the shows made the event come together with bumping beats, stellar designs, and surprises with every step.







Mister Triple X  is a badass upscale street wear line created by Erik Rosete. This year it was paired with Sperry Top-Sider shoes and showcased an edgy fairytale collection that was reminiscent of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. The essence of royalty and uncultivated nature burst threw every seam. Exotic prints, chest harnesses, and a variety of head pieces were used to bring the pieces to life. This line showcased the brand's new distinctive style, and from what I saw I will definitely be following this brand to wonderland!






Walter Mendez is a well known, and well appreciated designer in the fashion world and the collection he showcased this year lived up to the expectations. The gowns he created were filled with stimulating textures and a variety of silhouettes. From sultry goddess to fun pop princess, Mendez had a gown for every personality and attitude. I can't wait to see what celebrity will be wearing his works on the red carpet!





















House of Li Jon was next and when the models came out it felt as if modern culture was splashed with a Knight's Tale. Every piece of clothing was crafted by chain mailing which has not been used since the Medieval times! This line was created by an artist by the name of Lia Mira who taught herself this long lost craft in 2011. The technique intensive foundation of this line is impressive, however the overall unity of style was lost. As more models came out onto the runway, I felt that each successive piece became less identifying as part of the line, apart from how it was made mechanically. 

















House of Byfield showed a men's daywear suits collection with pops of color ("A/V 15 Collection") as well as several women's dresses. The suits and dresses were tailored to show the essence of professionalism and class, yet included a sportive touch for comfort and daywear. Not only were there pops of color in the clothing, shoes, and accessories, there were also multiple textures involved which gave the clothing depth and a risqué touch. Unique briefcases and glasses from other brands were also showcased; one briefcase actually looked like it was made with a 3D printer!  
















Hallie Sara's collection was filled with furs and the 70's, peppered with modernism. Hollywood glam dripped from every accessory and piece of outerwear, and every silhouette gave off the vibe of disco. You would never expect these two styles to combine, however Hallie Sara not only made it work, she made it flourish down the runway. She took classic looks and brought them to the next level with modernism, sophistication and glamour.  




















Mimi Tran showcased a collection of embellished evening gowns and cocktail dresses with the most luxurious materials she could probably get her hands on; at least for most of the collection. Part of the collection featured gowns that were the very essence of glamour and high fashion couture, with strategic fabric placements that show a woman's sensuality while leaving something to the imagination. However, the other part of her collection left a bit to be desired. A few gowns were inundated with sequins, which made them seem cheap and out of place. The designs made with the sequins were intricate, however the overwhelming amount made the gowns seem more functional as a disco ball than fashion wear.  




















MTCostello: GENIUS. This line not only incorporates the genius of one Costello, it was created by two. Designers Michael Costello and sister Stephanie Costello created a line that is badass, fierce, and rebellious which not only showed these qualities through the fashion itself, but through theatrics as well! MTCostello started with a female model walking in a dance-type way down the runway wearing what looks like a body suit and a gold lace cloak. When she got to the end of the runway she ripped off the gold lace cloak and stunned the audience with the fact that she was only wearing body paint! Following her stunt was a male model wearing nothing but a poncho and a cock ring, a female model wearing kick-ass black lingerie, Shaun Ross killing the catwalk and so much more. This show burst through the boundaries of fashion and screamed sex and independence. MTCostello does not make trends; MTCostello transcends them.


NY Fashion week 2015

New York Fashion Week


From the moment I walked in the room and across the runway to my seat, I could feel the magic. Thirty reporters getting their cameras and tripods set up, the buzz of conversations, and the runway lit up for fashion to be on its way.  The show was a culmination of several designers which included: Hendrik Vermeulen, Rozelia Bot, Landi Accessories, and Anthony Urzi. 

Hendrik Vermeulen is a designer with heavy Italian roots. His collection featured custom dyed Italian wool, printed silk materials, and brown leather.  To offset the emphasis of brown leather, he used dyed ostrich feathers as well as other colorful elements. This collection as a whole gave the essence of a fantasy world rooted in nature.


Rozelia Bot is a Romanian designer who featured very fluid materials with modern twists. Her collection gave the ambience of romance which I absolutely loved. The fluid materials mentioned included opalescent organza and chiffons with delicately placed embroidered flowers. When these models walked, the fabric literally flowed around them like they had no sense of gravity. The movement was simply beautiful as if they were walking through water. 







After Bot's show, the audience got a surprise view when the models came out with only white slash-splattered body paint and simple white bathing suit type clothing. This was a surprise twist, however a very smart move. This particular show was for Landi Accessories, and what better way to focus on the accessories than to make the models a blank canvas. The Landi Accessories show was filled with black and brown Italian leather, furs, exotic leather, and leather with made with intricate patterns. 
















The final designer to show was Anthony Urzi, who is famous for celebrity costumes and accessories. His show encompassed the very meaning of being bold, predatory, and fierce. The show began with two models dressed in robotic lingerie-esque outfits that stood guard while the other models hit the runway. The entire collection as a whole broke through the boundaries of fashion and gave the FTL MODA fashion show as a whole an unexpected turn of events. A series of helmet masks, gold with black leather palettes, and metal inclusive pieces ruled the runway. This show was a collection of true art and creativity, and let me tell you, the music choice was OFF THE HOOK.  


At the closing of the show, FTL MODA LOVING YOU was performed. FTL MODA LOVING YOU is a part of the #MovingForward campaign, and was done in collaboration with Fondazione Vertical and Models of Diversity. Fondazione Vertical is an Italian foundation that supports finding a cure for spinal cord injuries and Models of Diversity is a modeling agency based in London that focuses on training and educating models-to-be on how to get past the strenuous talent selection rules of modeling. 

During the show, amputees, wheelchairs and forearm crutches had ascendancy over the runway.  Models who were previously walking were also wheeling themselves down the runway in wheelchairs. Jack Eyers, a British personal trainer, was the first male amputee model to ever walk the runway at NYFW, and it was here at FTL MODA. The purpose of this section was to show that disability is a state of mind and nothing should hold you back from surpassing your potential. 

Tune in at the end of the week for my synopsis for the ART HEARTS show tomorrow at 5 pm Lincoln Center ;)

cosmopolitan magazine's


Click the picture above for further images that illustrate this amazing weekend!

LOCATIONS: David H. Koch Theatre and Hearst Tower

Dates: 11/8/14-11/9/14


This full-time weekend event was the most inspiring and influential weekend of my life. This conference is what drove me to create this blog in the first place! Not only was it informational, it was LOADS OF FUN! I met so many different people, including a new upcoming designer Nicole Bell, who is based out of Houston, TX! (http://nicolebell.squarespace.com/). Everyone who was at the conference, ticket buyers and talent alike, were so down to earth and exceptionally authentic. The event itself was sponsored by Maybelline and Express which lead to an exorbitant amount of .........FREEBIES!

Freebies included the #funfearlesslife jacket I caught when one of the models threw it into the audience and FULL SIZED Maybelline lipsticks being carried around in cigarette trays, Express phone charging clutches, and Spanx patterned tights were being handed out during the event for free! Also, because I had a diamond status ticket, there was a VIP gift bag with even more full sized Maybelline makeup as well as various giftcard type items, a Chambord pocket sized notebook, and Cosmo magazines (USA and LATINA). 

This weekend was also very in tune with the attendee and talent social media posts! There were twitter contests (which I was a winner of: $100 Express gift card!), as well as periodic twitter breaks to discuss the #funfearlesslife hashtag status and tweets the social media team liked the most. There were also contests around the event floors (I even won a KEYSTOGO keyboard from Logitech!) 

Now to the VIP Cocktail Party! During the party, you could drink fun Chambord inspired cocktails, take pictures like a true VIP and make Origami Owl necklaces! As celebrities go, all of the conference talent was there as well as various Cosmopolitan editors and various fashion personnel (i.e. Nana Meriwether, Miss USA 2012 and Henrick Aronsson Head of Merchandising at H&M USA). An extra bonus was that the latina cast from ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Netflix original) was there! The best part about all of these celebrities and fashion industry personnel being at this cocktail party was that every single one of them was receptive and down to earth. Everyone conversed and networked freely and there was no "celebrity vs public" tension that I was initially worried about prior to going. Plenty of selfies with everyone!

The list of talent who spoke was amazingly full, however my favorites and their speech highlights were the following:

Sara Blakely, creator of SPANX:

"I am probably the only female who is thankful for her cellulite."

Amy Cuddy, "power posing" expert:

"Don't fake it until you make it, fake it until you become it." 

Matthew Hussey:

'Believe it or not, women throughout history have always made the first move'

(i.e. women dropping their handkerchief to see if men would pick it up for them, giving men the option to help the woman and break the ice)

Kelly Osbourne: 

"You are never going to wake up and be somebody else; so you better figure out how to love yourself."

Gabrielle Union:

"Don't let anyone take your bacon girl!"

(speaking about how she did not let the internet hackers who stole her photos make her hide and withdraw from the world after she found out)

Aliza Licht, SVP Global Communications at DKNY:

"If change doesn't hurt a little, IT'S NOT CHANGE"


All in all, this was a FUCKING FABULOUS event and I cannot wait to go next year!