Champagne Summer Photoshoot With Breanna Scott

My favorite part about summer fashion is the burst of color that finally pops out of people's closets to match the botanical garden that now lines earth. Personally, I love color all day, all the time, every season. So to finally be in the season that celebrates color....let's just say I'm quite the happy camper! 

This look was inspired by my time at Sketch London for afternoon tea, and my favorite Kate Spade champagne bucket handbag! 

Photos taken by the lovely Breanna Scott (@bscott12) and are posted on my instagram:

Skirt: Ted Baker London
Crop Top: Bloomingdales
Heels, Handbag, Jewelry: Kate Spade NY
Sunglasses: Mulberry and Grand (boutique in Columbus Circle Subway Station in NYC)

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 2.23.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 2.23.12 PM.png

Shoes for the Who's Who: Exotic Heels Edition!

Exotic shoes are one of my favorites. They expel an immense amount of personality with each step on the pavement, and can make even a garbage bag stylish. Here are a few exotic pairs I found on the interwebs just for you! 

Let me know your faves in the comments!


Perfect Sunshine Wardrobe for 2017

Hello my Lovelies!

If you're like me, then you are always on the prowl for the perfect sun dress to light up your insta-feed and brighten your work day. Here are a bunch of outfits I found to light up your spring/summer wardrobe with brightness and fun in mind ;-)

Details with links are below the photo album =)

Accessories you NEED to check out: Summer 2017 Edition

Love headbands, hats, and hella awesome jewelry? Look no further because I have scoured the internet and found you the cutest arrangement of accessories! I've also added a few trendy back packs for those that carry a lot of goods while on their long commute to work via public transit.

PS: If you decided to cut your locks this season and aren't totally satisfied, just throw in a headband! These are the best accessories that dress up any "bad" haircut without needing to be removed when you go inside nice places ;-)

Sassy Shoes for Summer!

Colorful, Whimsical, NYC Boutique on Laguardia Place

Last Import - 90 of 90.jpg
Last Import - 86 of 90.jpg
Last Import - 79 of 90.jpg
Last Import - 77 of 90.jpg
Last Import - 68 of 90.jpg
Last Import - 63 of 90.jpg

Walking around NYC to purely explore the surroundings is probably the most fun you could have here. In doing so, I found this amazing boutique called Town House Shops (Located on 504 Laguardia Place)
Not gonna lie, the sales rack flowing with cuteness and low prices is what drew me in haha

However, once inside, it was BURSTING with color! And not in the "childish" sense, but more in the whimsical or rustic "Kate Spade" sense. The clothes were separated by color groups and the decor made you feel as comfortable as if you were shopping in your own home (they even had cookies and Perrier!)

To top it off, the staff there was super nice, and laid back while still being a diligent. Once we had clothes in our hand, they offered to put them in our own fitting room while we shopped more. Could this have been a ruse to make us pick up more clothes and potentially buy more, OF COURSE. Did I take it as a nice gesture and a load off my arm, ALSO OF COURSE haha

Another thing I loved about the staff was that they weren't constantly verbally poking me to see if I needed help. They allowed me to shop at my leisure and took cues from my body language to ask if I needed assistance. 

Now your probably thinking, well what about the actual clothing and accessories!? Overall I think the prices for the clothing is fair, especially since this store is in NYC! However, most of the clothes I chose fit a little weird on me because of my broad shoulders. I kept getting that cut off "bleb" on my pectoral/boob area which I do not enjoy. Despite this, I did find two adorable work shirts, a beautiful necklace, and a FREE wallet for my BFF Amy!!! When I stopped in, they were also having a storewide sale: 20% all purchases, accessories were buy one get one free, and the sale rack (with already reduced prices) was BOGO 50% off. 

Few Days Later Update: The necklace that cost me $28 looked like it was pretty sturdy when I bought it. However, I feel hoodwinked. I wore it for one day and it fell right off my neck and onto the floor where 3 large gems flew out of it =( The shirts are still cute, however I feel that the jewelry should be of higher quality for the amount I paid for it. Even Forever21 jewelry isn't that breakable and that shit costs like a dollar haha. 

FURTHER UPDATE: The store replied to my customer service email and offered a full refund for the necklace that broke! They even sent a full detailed email that was personal and genuine. Kudos for customer service!!! :D

Princess Perfect thanks to Rent the Runway Unlimited! (Part III)

Ohhhh New York Fashion Week. How I love thee. The few days a year where fashion friends are all around, networking contacts are continuously added to my phone, and swag is unlimited! What better way to dress to impress than use my Rent the Runway Unlimited membership!? 

If I were to buy these two items at the store, it would have cost me $1815+tax. . . . 
If I were to rent them separately on Rent the Runway's site (outside of Unlimited membership) it would have cost me only $275. . . Significantly less than $1815. . .
Howeverrrrr my monthly membership only costs me $140!
For this amazing price,  I received the coat, the dress, and 5 other items this month!!!! So all in all, the Unlimited membership pays for itself and then some. 

Ok, enough about cost, here are my styling photos for my #casualprincess look during #NYFW:

Unlimited Looks thanks to Rent the Runway: Part II

Hello again everyone! Today I'm going to show you a few different looks I came up with for my Unlimited Rent the Runway order! 

What I love about the Unlimited program, is that even though I could receive one shirt and skirt, there are so many ways to wear them, and I get a lot of time to do just that! Here are multiple examples of how I styled this "Dazzler Paint Splatter" shirt by Yoana Baraschi which retails for $198, and this "Lacquered Skirt" by Parker which retails for $264:

Pink Jacket: Material Girl (found at Macy's)
Black pants: American Eagle Jeggins
Shoes; Jessica Simpson
Hat: Urban Outfitters
VELVET Overalls: Free People
Burgundy with fur jacket: Forever21

Warm Bohemian Look

Hello again!

Free People clothing is fucking expensive. I love it-but it's expensive. Thus, when something I loved was on sale- I GOT SO EXCITED (^_^) and I bought it! My purchase was the dress featured here.  When I first put it on, it was basically sheer and it took me awhile to figure out the best way to wear it for my body type. Because the tones of the dress are warm, I went with a warm makeup look to go with it, and a contrasting cool blue tank. 
This is what I came up with and I hope you enjoy it! (Feel free to click on through the slide show, details of the outfit and makeup are below ^_^)

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Free People ($40!!!!)
Tank: Forever 21 (like a $1.00 haha)
Leggings: Victoria's Secret (2/$30)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson pumps (a solid 5 years old or so)

Rent the Runway Unlimited Outfit Roundup!


Hello everyone! 

So after months and months of waiting, I was finally taken off of the Rent the Runway (RTR) Unlimited waitlist! What is this service you may ask? For $140/month I get unlimited access to their super expensive, designer closet (clothing, handbags, and jewelry!). I am able to rent 3 items at a time, and can send them back whenever I want to. Once I send 1, 2, or 3 of those items back, I am able to rent the same amount of new items (I send back 1, I can rent one new item; I send 2 back, I can rent two new items, etc). Shipping comes with the fee and the packaging is fool proof! Items and shipping label come in a rip-off-locked zipper garment back, and items come plastic wrapped with their own hangers, which you can keep ^_^! If you would like to join like me, or simply rent one thing at a time (which I also love) CLICK on the picture above and get started with 20% off your first order on me!

The first item on my RTR Unlimited Styling is this Equipment green button down shirt in Size Large (which fit wonderfully):
($358 retail)


(Please excuse my beginner photoshop status haha)
Fun in the Office:
Shoes: BCBG Maxazria (bought at DSW)
Skirt: TJMaxx
Top: Designer is Equipment, rented from RTR UNLIMITED
Hat: Urban Outfitters

Out on the town: 
Shoes: BCBG Maxazria (bought at DSW)

Pants: American Eagle Outfitters (Jegging design)
Top: Designer is Equipment, rented from RTR UNLIMITED
Vest: Designer is Sanctuary Clothing, bought at TJMaxx
Hat: Urban Outfitters

More outfits to come from this RTR Unlimited order!

If you would like to join like me, or simply rent one thing at a time (which I also love) CLICK on the picture below and get started with 20% off your first order on me:

Puffer Coats BE GONE: Cold Gear Fashion is Attainable

I get it. Walking around NYC or anywhere during a typical north east winter is a nightmare. It's freezing and all you usually have is your waist length jacket where your ass feels like two ice cubes waiting to break off. Then you think, hey those puffer coats are long and they look super warm! 



Yes, puffer coats are warm as fuck, but guess what? The shiny puffer fabric looks like alien skin, most of the time your fucked when they get wet (most are NOT water proof!), and they make you look like a fucking Alien Michelin Marshmellow in every flavor. Now you're probably thinking, well what coat do you propose I wear that will keep me warm?  

I'm glad you asked, and here are my top suggestions: A PARKA, and WOOL (or blend)! Of course, of the non puffer variety. Still jam packed with insulation, yet flattering to your figure. Here are a few I found:

 1. First of which I bought for myself (1 Madison Faux Fur Trimmed Parka

Despite my utter disdain for puffer coats, there are exceptions to my rule. For example, design wise Burberry has a cool looking puffer with military trench flare (but it is crazy expensive, and not water proof in regards to down protection). Also, if you plan on backpacking in the forest and need the warmest of the warm, fashion is not necessarily on your top needs list and an Eddie Bauer puffer coat down to your knees may be for suited to your needs (it will keep you warm down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit!). 


How many of you have pinned your thumbs off to increase your Fashion Folder arsenal. . . and then not use those ideas like ever? Not even for an event coming up *COUGH...COSMOPOLITAN FUN FEARLESS LIFE* Well, that's me! So I took it upon myself to take on a challenge! *insert power pose* I found some amazing outfits in my fashion folders on pinterest (PSL All the Time Fashion, and Styles for the Past, Present, and Future), and used them to create looks from my own closet. Oh yes, didn't I mention that small detail? NO NEW PURCHASES WERE ALLOWED! Some looks I copied almost dead on, others I used the photos more as basic inspiration. See, it is doable! Now to use all of those recipes...

How to make your desk as fashionable as you are!

We may be able to dress ourselves as fabulous fashionistas to go to work, but then when we get there our desk should be as fabulous too! Aside from going to places like Office Depot where we know the quality is on point and we can get all of the office supplies under the sun in the color we want, here are some cute desk accessory tips/items to make your desk pop, with quality notes added by me =):

Get your self some fun, obnoxious, punny paper items from KNOCKKNOCKSTUFF! (

My favorite part of my office supplies is my Knock Knock Stuff ....stuff haha All of the stickies and notebooks are so funny that they just make me want to write on them. My favorites are my "TODAY'S PLAN OF ATTACK Great Big Sticky Notes" and "Grandiose Plans Pocketbook Notes."  The plan of attack stickies keep me on track and I can stick the day's note on the top of my laptop so I always see it! It's hilarious because of how it is set up: "Most Critical" on top, "Would be Nice" in the middle, and "Not a Chance" on the bottom with a check box for Completed or Retreated! haha The Grandiose Plans Pocketbook Notes is great because it literally fits right in your back pocket. It is just about cell phone size, comes in a bunch of colors, and has a nice faux leather portfolio covering it so I feel all kinds of professional yet fun when using it. Here are a bunch of other items I love from KnockKnockStuff as well: (PS: sponsored item is the grandiose plans pocketbook notes notepad, however all other items I have bought myself and love all the same!)


There are so many adorable and fun office items to buy at Target that are great quality as well. Target is also great with curating office supplies that match patterns for items that relate to all kinds of uses. Here are some examples of items I have purchased for myself that I know are of great quality and are priced to no more than $15 (pictures from

Kate Spade "Whistle While You Work Tackle Box" (with a review by me)

Online $40 on the website, however I got mine at Macy's for $27 during their sale. So keep an eye out for department store sales before buying from the site right away!
Pros: Adorable design and detailing. Post its are cute notebook pages with a gold line on the side which makes them ever more adorable. The use of polka dots, bows, and stripes make this a dynamic set. It also has a multitude of supplies from push pins, to paper clips, large clips, pencils with sharpener, and post its. 
Cons: Quality is unfortunately lacking with some of the supplies. The pencils have a really small circumference (I feel like I will break them when just writing with them) and are very soft in regards to graphite quality. They feel more like drawing pencils than office pencils. Even the large clips feel flimsy compared to regular Office Depot grade clips. The tape does not stick well, and neither does the adhesive for the post its.
Overall: The design is adorable, and if you can get it on sale it's an OK buy. However if you need quality items I would not spend the $40 for this kit. 

Believe it or not.....GO TO ETSY.COM!

Etsy is not only a place to find out of the box jewelry and home decor, there are a multitude of shops that make office supplies! "Thug life" pencils, modern/hipster/country desktop organizers, patterned clipboards, and even vintage telephones. =D! I love buying "local" through artisans on and it's a great way to bring up the economy!


I hope you had fun with this post and use the information well=)! Have a great day lovelies!

Cute and Comfortable for Menstrual Mayhem

Got bloat? ughhhh tell me about it. This is for me the worst part about my period, feeling like I ate three thanksgiving feasts when I even think of breathing near food haha  I personally do not like wearing anything tight during this time of the month because of well.....the bloating So how do I look cute for work without looking like I rolled out of bed with just a sweatshirt on? Here are some looks I created for just that! Oversized cable knit sweaters and adorable pullovers with leggings. The leggings give shape to your legs while not being as constricting as pants, and the sweaters/pullovers are big enough to feel comfortable in while still being stylish. 

Quick Fix Tip

Do you have that shirt that looks cute on the hanger so you buy it, but then when you get home you realize that is is made of a clingy material and is too short for your torso? Here is a quick fix! I have this green shirt (pictured) that is exactly that description: too short and clingy in allll the wrong places. The design was cute so I found a way to fix it! I put a long black flowy tank on underneath, and with the green shirt I tied a small button knot in the front. That way it looked like I made it a crop top on purpose! Pair it with a floppy hat and I was on my way! :D

Navy Blue + Burgundy= Ballin' Combination

My new fall colors are navy blue and burgundy and here are a few looks I put together incorporating those colors:


For Beauty Con I wore a Red Valentino skirt that was a navy blue/grey ombre in a wool material. I paired that with tights, a grey long sleeve T shirt and a Forever 21 Moto Jacket in Burgundy. I also decided to wear my Ugg flats because 1: they were navy blue and went with the ombre down my body, and 2: they are super comfortable and I was going to do a lot of walking!!!

Screenshot_2015-10-23-17-32-31 (1).png

This look was actually a "rocker professional" look I put together for my first day of substitute teaching at a local university. I used a navy blue dress at a "to the knee" length and paired it with a gray/black/white fur vest. The vest is what makes this look "rocker" ; the dress can be worn with a regular blazer or sweater which would take the look into another direction. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 5.47.23 PM.png

I love big sweaters! This one is from a local boutique in Warwick, NY named "Style Counsel" and I am obsessed with it. The geometric pattern is fun and loud yet the colors make it relaxed at the same time. It is also a thinner sweater and the cut makes it awkward if you try to put something on over it, so it is more for a mildly cool day where you wear it alone to stay warm and stylish. I paired it with a black T shirt and black leggings with gray boots that reached just below the knee. 

Fall Fashion Update: HOW I'M HERE TO HELP YOU

So every blogger out there has their pictures up of themselves with where they got their clothes and what not. However what they probably don't tell you, is where they are wearing these clothes. Most full time bloggers are just that, FULL TIME FASHION BLOGGERS. So they wear beautiful outfits to take pictures in and give their audience inspiration on how to dress themselves. . . but what about functionality? Most of you readers and myself have FULL TIME JOBS. So how good is it for me to just post outfits that look cute when you can get that shit on pinterest?!

 HERE IS MY ANGLE: I am here to give you real world fashion and functionality advice when it comes to styling. I also have a curvier figure than most of the size 0/2/4/6 bloggers out there, thus I am also able to show you ladies real life looks that will flatter figures of all sizes, and not just show you how they look on smaller frames making you have to use your imagination to figure out if it looks right on you too. xoxo 

Here are a few fall outfits I put together this past week with real world advice on each piece. Enjoy!

This was what I wore to go see Kevin Hart in concert! It was warm and cozy with just enough flare for a night out. Here are the details:

Boots: All shoes are $40 with VIP subscription. You can cancel every month if you want and the shoes only cost $40 when you buy them. Every shoe they make that I have purchased are of medium quality and durability (which is a good thing). These heels in particular are quite comfortable aside from the mild pinching at the base of my toes where the peek hole is. other than that they are super comfortable (PS: I also wear them without socks). 
Jeans: American Eagle high rise jegging. My favorite jeans of all time. They are stretchy like jeggins but have the form and design like regular jeans. For a curvy girl like me they are a perfect choice!
Sweater: Actually it was my grandfather's sweater (i.e. go raid your grandparent's closets for vintage sweater finds!! I'm telling you, you will be surprised how much your grandparents have these days that are relevent). This sweater was a full wool knit that can be very warm, so if you are going to a place with possibly too much heat inside, wear a layer underneath like I did. 
Handbag: CHINATOWN :D Although I am not an advocate for buying cheap fakes, Chinatown has a bunch of purses that don't even have name brands tagged on them that still look cute. This is my version of the ever so fabulous Celine bags that have come out recently and I bought this bag like 8 years ago!


This is one of my "off to the lab" outfits that is laid back enough for menstrual bloating (*sorry, not sorry, if that's TMI for you*) with enough edge and flare to look great . Notice how I paired solid colored items like my shoes, blouse and hat with peeks of pattern through my camo leggings and paisley scarf. This look is made to appear like it cost mad money, however it cost me less than $100

Boots: . All shoes are $40 with VIP subscription. You can cancel every month if you want and the shoes only cost $40 when you buy them. Every shoe they make that I have purchased are of medium quality and durability (which is a good thing).  These particular boots are super comfortable and fit mildly wider calves.  
Leggings: Saks off 5th at Woodbury Commons. These are particularly fun because they are patterned in a way that can go with many different earth tone colors and they incorporate a popular pattern that will definitely grab attention.
Blouse/dress: Forever21 (so chic and so damn cheap :D) This is the piece that makes the outfit look expensive. It is a simple, chic, blouse dress that in its simplicity screams not trying too hard.  It is light enough for the mildly chilly weather, thus I will not sweat all of my makeup off with it. 
Scarf: TJMaxx. I love adding purple to my green outfits, thus this patterned scarf was a perfect match! It is also light enough for the mildly chilly weather, like the blouse dress.
Hat: Urban Outfitters


This was another "off to the lab" outfit that I wore to school. Again, a nice relaxed fall look with just a few items that keep it professional and fun. Notice how although my scarf is loud, I pair it with a softer pink blouse and neutrals to balance out the outfit.
Boots: (See above for details)
Jeans: American Eagle high rise jeggings (See above for details)
Blouse: White House Black Market. This blouse is made of a silky type fabric, so do not be discouraged if you have cup C or D tatas and have to get a larger size. This particular blouse is cut in a way that even if you do go up a size, it will not look like a pillow case on you!
Scarf: Express
Sweater: Juicy Couture c. 4-5 years ago. Always find at least one, really nice, long, knit sweater. They are great fall/winter accent pieces that never go out of style. This particular sweater is made of cashmere and is as soft as butter! :D


A mild amount of sarcasm went into this post (i.e. PSL starbucks sign haha. . . . PS I LOVE PSL'S!!)  This is a typical laid back "off to the lab", outfit. I incorporated a lot of jewel tones with my neutrals to give my outfit a nice POP! 

Boots: (see above for details about subscription) These particular boots are super comfortable and fit mildly wider calves. 
Jeans: American Eagle high rise jegging (see above for details)
Sweater: A great find at Marshalls (Cynthia Rowley is the designer). 
Blouse: in the sale section ($23!!!) , act fast before they are all gone!
Scarf: From my trip to Israel, however Macy's, Express, and the local TJMAxx/Marshalls have a lot of similar ones