Fall Fashion Update: HOW I'M HERE TO HELP YOU

So every blogger out there has their pictures up of themselves with where they got their clothes and what not. However what they probably don't tell you, is where they are wearing these clothes. Most full time bloggers are just that, FULL TIME FASHION BLOGGERS. So they wear beautiful outfits to take pictures in and give their audience inspiration on how to dress themselves. . . but what about functionality? Most of you readers and myself have FULL TIME JOBS. So how good is it for me to just post outfits that look cute when you can get that shit on pinterest?!

 HERE IS MY ANGLE: I am here to give you real world fashion and functionality advice when it comes to styling. I also have a curvier figure than most of the size 0/2/4/6 bloggers out there, thus I am also able to show you ladies real life looks that will flatter figures of all sizes, and not just show you how they look on smaller frames making you have to use your imagination to figure out if it looks right on you too. xoxo 

Here are a few fall outfits I put together this past week with real world advice on each piece. Enjoy!

This was what I wore to go see Kevin Hart in concert! It was warm and cozy with just enough flare for a night out. Here are the details:

Boots: Justfab.com. All shoes are $40 with VIP subscription. You can cancel every month if you want and the shoes only cost $40 when you buy them. Every shoe they make that I have purchased are of medium quality and durability (which is a good thing). These heels in particular are quite comfortable aside from the mild pinching at the base of my toes where the peek hole is. other than that they are super comfortable (PS: I also wear them without socks). 
Jeans: American Eagle high rise jegging. My favorite jeans of all time. They are stretchy like jeggins but have the form and design like regular jeans. For a curvy girl like me they are a perfect choice!
Sweater: Actually it was my grandfather's sweater (i.e. go raid your grandparent's closets for vintage sweater finds!! I'm telling you, you will be surprised how much your grandparents have these days that are relevent). This sweater was a full wool knit that can be very warm, so if you are going to a place with possibly too much heat inside, wear a layer underneath like I did. 
Handbag: CHINATOWN :D Although I am not an advocate for buying cheap fakes, Chinatown has a bunch of purses that don't even have name brands tagged on them that still look cute. This is my version of the ever so fabulous Celine bags that have come out recently and I bought this bag like 8 years ago!


This is one of my "off to the lab" outfits that is laid back enough for menstrual bloating (*sorry, not sorry, if that's TMI for you*) with enough edge and flare to look great . Notice how I paired solid colored items like my shoes, blouse and hat with peeks of pattern through my camo leggings and paisley scarf. This look is made to appear like it cost mad money, however it cost me less than $100

Boots: Justfab.com. . All shoes are $40 with VIP subscription. You can cancel every month if you want and the shoes only cost $40 when you buy them. Every shoe they make that I have purchased are of medium quality and durability (which is a good thing).  These particular boots are super comfortable and fit mildly wider calves.  
Leggings: Saks off 5th at Woodbury Commons. These are particularly fun because they are patterned in a way that can go with many different earth tone colors and they incorporate a popular pattern that will definitely grab attention.
Blouse/dress: Forever21 (so chic and so damn cheap :D) This is the piece that makes the outfit look expensive. It is a simple, chic, blouse dress that in its simplicity screams not trying too hard.  It is light enough for the mildly chilly weather, thus I will not sweat all of my makeup off with it. 
Scarf: TJMaxx. I love adding purple to my green outfits, thus this patterned scarf was a perfect match! It is also light enough for the mildly chilly weather, like the blouse dress.
Hat: Urban Outfitters


This was another "off to the lab" outfit that I wore to school. Again, a nice relaxed fall look with just a few items that keep it professional and fun. Notice how although my scarf is loud, I pair it with a softer pink blouse and neutrals to balance out the outfit.
Boots: Justfab.com (See above for details)
Jeans: American Eagle high rise jeggings (See above for details)
Blouse: White House Black Market. This blouse is made of a silky type fabric, so do not be discouraged if you have cup C or D tatas and have to get a larger size. This particular blouse is cut in a way that even if you do go up a size, it will not look like a pillow case on you!
Scarf: Express
Sweater: Juicy Couture c. 4-5 years ago. Always find at least one, really nice, long, knit sweater. They are great fall/winter accent pieces that never go out of style. This particular sweater is made of cashmere and is as soft as butter! :D


A mild amount of sarcasm went into this post (i.e. PSL starbucks sign haha. . . . PS I LOVE PSL'S!!)  This is a typical laid back "off to the lab", outfit. I incorporated a lot of jewel tones with my neutrals to give my outfit a nice POP! 

Boots: Justfab.com (see above for details about subscription) These particular boots are super comfortable and fit mildly wider calves. 
Jeans: American Eagle high rise jegging (see above for details)
Sweater: A great find at Marshalls (Cynthia Rowley is the designer). 
Blouse: Nordstrom.com in the sale section ($23!!!) , act fast before they are all gone!
Scarf: From my trip to Israel, however Macy's, Express, and the local TJMAxx/Marshalls have a lot of similar ones