Navy Blue + Burgundy= Ballin' Combination

My new fall colors are navy blue and burgundy and here are a few looks I put together incorporating those colors:


For Beauty Con I wore a Red Valentino skirt that was a navy blue/grey ombre in a wool material. I paired that with tights, a grey long sleeve T shirt and a Forever 21 Moto Jacket in Burgundy. I also decided to wear my Ugg flats because 1: they were navy blue and went with the ombre down my body, and 2: they are super comfortable and I was going to do a lot of walking!!!

Screenshot_2015-10-23-17-32-31 (1).png

This look was actually a "rocker professional" look I put together for my first day of substitute teaching at a local university. I used a navy blue dress at a "to the knee" length and paired it with a gray/black/white fur vest. The vest is what makes this look "rocker" ; the dress can be worn with a regular blazer or sweater which would take the look into another direction. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 5.47.23 PM.png

I love big sweaters! This one is from a local boutique in Warwick, NY named "Style Counsel" and I am obsessed with it. The geometric pattern is fun and loud yet the colors make it relaxed at the same time. It is also a thinner sweater and the cut makes it awkward if you try to put something on over it, so it is more for a mildly cool day where you wear it alone to stay warm and stylish. I paired it with a black T shirt and black leggings with gray boots that reached just below the knee.