How to make your desk as fashionable as you are!

We may be able to dress ourselves as fabulous fashionistas to go to work, but then when we get there our desk should be as fabulous too! Aside from going to places like Office Depot where we know the quality is on point and we can get all of the office supplies under the sun in the color we want, here are some cute desk accessory tips/items to make your desk pop, with quality notes added by me =):

Get your self some fun, obnoxious, punny paper items from KNOCKKNOCKSTUFF! (

My favorite part of my office supplies is my Knock Knock Stuff ....stuff haha All of the stickies and notebooks are so funny that they just make me want to write on them. My favorites are my "TODAY'S PLAN OF ATTACK Great Big Sticky Notes" and "Grandiose Plans Pocketbook Notes."  The plan of attack stickies keep me on track and I can stick the day's note on the top of my laptop so I always see it! It's hilarious because of how it is set up: "Most Critical" on top, "Would be Nice" in the middle, and "Not a Chance" on the bottom with a check box for Completed or Retreated! haha The Grandiose Plans Pocketbook Notes is great because it literally fits right in your back pocket. It is just about cell phone size, comes in a bunch of colors, and has a nice faux leather portfolio covering it so I feel all kinds of professional yet fun when using it. Here are a bunch of other items I love from KnockKnockStuff as well: (PS: sponsored item is the grandiose plans pocketbook notes notepad, however all other items I have bought myself and love all the same!)


There are so many adorable and fun office items to buy at Target that are great quality as well. Target is also great with curating office supplies that match patterns for items that relate to all kinds of uses. Here are some examples of items I have purchased for myself that I know are of great quality and are priced to no more than $15 (pictures from

Kate Spade "Whistle While You Work Tackle Box" (with a review by me)

Online $40 on the website, however I got mine at Macy's for $27 during their sale. So keep an eye out for department store sales before buying from the site right away!
Pros: Adorable design and detailing. Post its are cute notebook pages with a gold line on the side which makes them ever more adorable. The use of polka dots, bows, and stripes make this a dynamic set. It also has a multitude of supplies from push pins, to paper clips, large clips, pencils with sharpener, and post its. 
Cons: Quality is unfortunately lacking with some of the supplies. The pencils have a really small circumference (I feel like I will break them when just writing with them) and are very soft in regards to graphite quality. They feel more like drawing pencils than office pencils. Even the large clips feel flimsy compared to regular Office Depot grade clips. The tape does not stick well, and neither does the adhesive for the post its.
Overall: The design is adorable, and if you can get it on sale it's an OK buy. However if you need quality items I would not spend the $40 for this kit. 

Believe it or not.....GO TO ETSY.COM!

Etsy is not only a place to find out of the box jewelry and home decor, there are a multitude of shops that make office supplies! "Thug life" pencils, modern/hipster/country desktop organizers, patterned clipboards, and even vintage telephones. =D! I love buying "local" through artisans on and it's a great way to bring up the economy!


I hope you had fun with this post and use the information well=)! Have a great day lovelies!