Puffer Coats BE GONE: Cold Gear Fashion is Attainable

I get it. Walking around NYC or anywhere during a typical north east winter is a nightmare. It's freezing and all you usually have is your waist length jacket where your ass feels like two ice cubes waiting to break off. Then you think, hey those puffer coats are long and they look super warm! 



Yes, puffer coats are warm as fuck, but guess what? The shiny puffer fabric looks like alien skin, most of the time your fucked when they get wet (most are NOT water proof!), and they make you look like a fucking Alien Michelin Marshmellow in every flavor. Now you're probably thinking, well what coat do you propose I wear that will keep me warm?  

I'm glad you asked, and here are my top suggestions: A PARKA, and WOOL (or blend)! Of course, of the non puffer variety. Still jam packed with insulation, yet flattering to your figure. Here are a few I found:

 1. First of which I bought for myself (1 Madison Faux Fur Trimmed Parka

Despite my utter disdain for puffer coats, there are exceptions to my rule. For example, design wise Burberry has a cool looking puffer with military trench flare (but it is crazy expensive, and not water proof in regards to down protection). Also, if you plan on backpacking in the forest and need the warmest of the warm, fashion is not necessarily on your top needs list and an Eddie Bauer puffer coat down to your knees may be for suited to your needs (it will keep you warm down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit!).