Princess Perfect thanks to Rent the Runway Unlimited! (Part III)

Ohhhh New York Fashion Week. How I love thee. The few days a year where fashion friends are all around, networking contacts are continuously added to my phone, and swag is unlimited! What better way to dress to impress than use my Rent the Runway Unlimited membership!? 

If I were to buy these two items at the store, it would have cost me $1815+tax. . . . 
If I were to rent them separately on Rent the Runway's site (outside of Unlimited membership) it would have cost me only $275. . . Significantly less than $1815. . .
Howeverrrrr my monthly membership only costs me $140!
For this amazing price,  I received the coat, the dress, and 5 other items this month!!!! So all in all, the Unlimited membership pays for itself and then some. 

Ok, enough about cost, here are my styling photos for my #casualprincess look during #NYFW: