Colorful, Whimsical, NYC Boutique on Laguardia Place

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Walking around NYC to purely explore the surroundings is probably the most fun you could have here. In doing so, I found this amazing boutique called Town House Shops (Located on 504 Laguardia Place). 
Not gonna lie, the sales rack flowing with cuteness and low prices is what drew me in haha

However, once inside, it was BURSTING with color! And not in the "childish" sense, but more in the whimsical or rustic "Kate Spade" sense. The clothes were separated by color groups and the decor made you feel as comfortable as if you were shopping in your own home (they even had cookies and Perrier!)

To top it off, the staff there was super nice, and laid back while still being a diligent. Once we had clothes in our hand, they offered to put them in our own fitting room while we shopped more. Could this have been a ruse to make us pick up more clothes and potentially buy more, OF COURSE. Did I take it as a nice gesture and a load off my arm, ALSO OF COURSE haha

Another thing I loved about the staff was that they weren't constantly verbally poking me to see if I needed help. They allowed me to shop at my leisure and took cues from my body language to ask if I needed assistance. 

Now your probably thinking, well what about the actual clothing and accessories!? Overall I think the prices for the clothing is fair, especially since this store is in NYC! However, most of the clothes I chose fit a little weird on me because of my broad shoulders. I kept getting that cut off "bleb" on my pectoral/boob area which I do not enjoy. Despite this, I did find two adorable work shirts, a beautiful necklace, and a FREE wallet for my BFF Amy!!! When I stopped in, they were also having a storewide sale: 20% all purchases, accessories were buy one get one free, and the sale rack (with already reduced prices) was BOGO 50% off. 

Few Days Later Update: The necklace that cost me $28 looked like it was pretty sturdy when I bought it. However, I feel hoodwinked. I wore it for one day and it fell right off my neck and onto the floor where 3 large gems flew out of it =( The shirts are still cute, however I feel that the jewelry should be of higher quality for the amount I paid for it. Even Forever21 jewelry isn't that breakable and that shit costs like a dollar haha. 

FURTHER UPDATE: The store replied to my customer service email and offered a full refund for the necklace that broke! They even sent a full detailed email that was personal and genuine. Kudos for customer service!!! :D