RTR Update: Winter is the New Black

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 9.38.29 PM.png

Hello Lovelies!

As you all probably know by now, I love Rent the Runway! You get to wear luxury clothing by renting it, and you pay a minute fraction of the cost. Recently, they have created a new membership called RTR Update. It's similar to the RTR Unlimited subscription I had a while back, however you only get to choose four items to wear for a full month (rather than 3 rotating items throughout the month). It only costs $89 a month and your shipment retail value can be upwards of $4000! That's an amazing deal considering how much the average person actually wears their clothing, and how much you'll be saving the earth by not throwing clothes into a landfill!

These are my picks for the first shipment and I'm very excited. Will update with how they look when the shipment arrives next week! 

If you'd like to get your own RTR Update Membership, just click HERE! (Affiliate Link)