How to WIN while living in the #ChubRubClub (The 2 BEST Chafing Solutions)

Anyone who has thighs that rub together when walking/running/ANYTHING, knows the chafe life. Welcome to the Chub Rub Club. 

But guess what! I have the solutions to prevent this catastrophe! I've heard of deodorant, baby powder, etc.; HOWEVER they did not work for me. Deodorant left streak marks on my legs and made them smell OD floral because of the amount I needed to use, and baby powder sweat off within minutes.

These two items were the ULTIMATE saviors for my chub rub problems. I've hiked countless trails and mountains (my fave was MASADA) in nike booty shorts with these, I've worn a multitude of skirts and dresses during the hottest sweat pouring days in NYC with these, and I've been able to simply workout in the gym in shorts and not leggings because of these. 

TRUST ladies. These anti-chafe balms are not only effective and reliable, they are able to fit right in your purse!!! 

Link for each item is in image's description box. I also added a photo album of my Israel adventures, as well as outfits I've worn while using these products!|adaptpdpexsrch|related_prods_vv|adaptpdpexsrch|50745587|0|adaptpdpexsrch|related_prods_vv|adaptpdpexsrch|50745587|0