Thinking BeautyCon 2017?

BeautyCon 2017 is this Saturday (May 20th!). If you are not sure whether you want to buy a last minute ticket, take a look at my blog from the last time I went to help make your decision! xoxo

Blushes, Bronzers, and Baddie Winkle
All You Need to Know About BEAUTYCON NYC
DATE: 10/17/15

This was my first year going to Beauty Con and let me tell you. . . I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR! So many familiar faces from magazines, youtube, and events that were in close range! This was quite an immersive event to where you can not only see your favorite vloggers and makeup artists being part of panels on the main stage, you could actually do "meet and greets" with them at their designated booths and on the main floor where all of the vendors were located. If this wasn't enough to get you excited, the amount of free swag should get your mind spinning! Samples galore for everyone (including the beautycon BFF box for those who bought a special ticket) and all you have to do is listen to the information (which is mostly useful!) or download their apps. This may seem overwhelming and a downer when all you might want are samples to enrich your skin/hair/makeup stash, however the information you gain from the brand representatives is not the least bit generic. Each rep knew about every product in detail and the apps Beauty Con enlisted as part of their vendor list were fucking badass. Youcam Makeup and Airbrush were my favorite app vendors; Youcam because the actual app is so much fun and precise when adding features, and Airbrush because they had a photo booth with a bigass unicorn ^_^ Finally, another cool booth that was not product related was the Awesomeness TV booth where they held auditions for a swag bag and a chance to have your own show on their channel! I did an audition (obviously) and fingers crossed! 

Now as you can tell I am not vomiting rainbows about the teeny bopper vlogging talent because I need to be honest with you and let you know now that I just started watching them the day before Beauty Con. I was unaware of the influence they have on the lives of young men and women (not including strictly makeup artists who have videos for makeup because I def use those!) so for this blog post I will focus on the vendors and a few famous people I definitely knew and were excited to gain insight from. I will update the blog with insight from the vlogging talent as inspiration comes ^_^ (see photos below). 

As you can see, THERE WERE SO MANY VENDORS THERE!!! Thus, so many to choose from. As you can also see, there were food, internet and DIY vendors as well. Speaking of DIY vendors, Mr. Kate was a fantastic find at BeautyCon. The founding woman Kate was all about the "why not?" and bringing weird into the spotlight: "I've always been a creative weirdo. . . I'm all about redefining normal things one project at a time" -Kate, Mr. Kate. Her products include a book filled with easy DIY that are crafty and classy, adorable jewelry (Kate is a metalsmith!), and rad flash tattoos that range from fun words to rainbow arrows to specs of freckled glitter!  Oh and of course one other totally random fun event happened. . . . which was truthfully the biggest reason I went to my first beauty con....... I GOT TO MEET BADDIE WINKLE and HER GRANDDAUGHTER KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kennedy was also wearing a 90's getup that was basically singing to my soul and making my fashion heart melt with joy with all of the LISA FRANK!!! photos of me (and my girl Zoe Renee-look her up she is awesome- @zoereneestyle) mad cheezin below:

Now to makeup and hair! One of the coolest challenges I saw was part of the CIBU booth where they were giving away $500 worth of product to the first 5 people who cut their hair into PIXIE HAIRSTYLES! I was tempted but the love my boyfriend has over my long hair won the battle haha Other booths like Shea Moisture had fun caricature artists, while others had makeup booths with artists to introduce you to their products and how to apply them. Two of my favorite new brands I discovered at Beauty Con were Winky Lux (which literally launched the day before!) and Nude Stix. Believe it or not, the only thing I bought at Beauty Con was a Winky Lux (@winky_lux) Velour Matte Lipstick in "Mermaid" because the color was so beautiful and the formula was so smooth! It's a beautifully deep emerald shade that matches my "mermaid-esque" hair perfectly. The line for free lip Nude Stix in the colors introduced to me by Nitsan (the artist I got, who was so nice and informative, not to mention gorgeous herself), was beyond OMEGA LONG. Girls were standing in a line that made a snake and lasted over an hour! I had too much networking to do to wait that long, however I (and you!) can find them on for a special price which I intend to take advantage of. BTW The colors I was intro'd to were whisper and mystic for the Lip/Cheek pencils (which were more like crayons). I also received a "butter" lipstick from NYX in a purple shade that is really nice! Look for it soon in my Makeup Reviews page. 

Random unexpected pro: PARENTS LOUNGE WAS THE SHIT! I am over 21 so the free booze was definitely a helper when it came to the one con I had for this event- the immaturity of young children who were the main audience of the vlogging talent. There was unnecessary pushing and shoving occasionally, however it was nothing to put a damper on my day ^_^

All in all this was a fabulous event and I cannot wait to go back!