Dear Kat Von D lovers, 

This is not a drill. Our fave lipstick of all time is now free in three FULL SIZED shades with your order of $75 or more this weekend through May 29th!

Just use the promo code STUDDEDKISS. Get 'em while supplies last! 

What can you spend that $75 on? You can easily make that happen with two classics and a hot new product: Ink Liner in the shade trooper ($21), Shade and Light face contour kit ($49), and the brand new Everlasting Lip Liner ($18). I recommend getting a nude shade liner if you are only buying one. That way you can use it with all of the lipsticks you will get for free!!!!!

Happy purchasing and let me know in the comments what lipsticks and products you chose! xoxo

The SINGLE Skincare Tip that Will Save Your Acne Prone Face!

Seems too good to be true right? Let me tell you I was surprised myself that this one tip helped me so much. 

I have acne prone skin and it sucks! So I decided to do a little experiment and see if what my mother has told me all these years rings true. My mother's advice? DON'T PICK AT YOUR SKIN!

Seem's easy enough right? But then you see all the little bumps under your skin, or blackheads on your nose, or blemishes ready to burst! So your first instinct is to 'get rid of them.' I decided to see if this was the right way to go, or if leaving them alone was the magic ingredient to my skincare routine that I have been waiting for. 

How did I run this experiment? Simple. I kept to my Skinfood skincare routine and only picked at blemishes like I normally would on the RIGHT side of my face. The left side I left alone and didn't pick at it. The results? They speak for themselves: 

The fact is, you can wash your hands and face as much as you want, but you are always going to be pushing in more bacteria and agitating your skin if you pick at it. Your are also delayed in healing process because you are constantly breaking the skin's barrier instead of just letting it heal from within. So follow my mama's advice (and advice from God only knows how many Dermatologists haha)....DON'T PICK AT YOUR SKIN!!! 

PS: If your skin is that congested and you feel like nothing is working skincare wise, I fully advise getting a facial and letting a professional do any type of "extra" exfoliation and "extractions." My favorite one is at Mohonk Mountain House called the Deep Cleansing Radiance Facial. Right after I got this, my skin looked and felt 100% better and did NOT break out afterwards like it does with other facials. This isn't a sponsored post, I just legit loved that facial haha

Skincare + Makeup for that Summer Oil Slick We Call a Face!

Oh summer how my skin hates thee. Every time the hot weather rolls around my face goes from a controllable adorable Welsh Corgi to a ravenous untamable BEAR. Out of nowhere, my combo skin turns into a straight up sebum celebration. Typically, only my T zone gets a little oily and the rest of my face is normal. Now however, my entire face is disgustingly slippery. 

What to do? I'll tell you! I've found some great products to keep my face in check and to keep the acne at bay. I've been using a number of these products for about a week now and have already seen a huge difference in my skin. Especially the SkinFood products and Kat Von D foundation!

Also, just be wary that using every single one of these products at the same time will dry out your skin (making the oiliness worse-yes I know, this is an annoying cycle), so choose one set at a time and see what works for you.

Details are below the slideshow for each product shown =)

Online Fabulous Fragrance Finds

If you're not a fragrance buff, finding a perfume for yourself in person is HARD. First you have the sales ladies in department stores stuffing paper cards saturated with perfume up your nose in the hopes for a hint of commission to hit their paychecks, Then while you are trying to be polite and sniff them all, they end up meshing together and smelling the same. Also, if you have no F*&^ing idea what fragrance "family" you want, you have way too many to choose from. 

In comes Sephora to save your G.D. day. Two words: FRAGRANCE IQ. Hundreds of bottles of perfume narrowed down to your tastes based on things like how you want to feel in it, and what seasons you like. Finally, some EASY Q's to answer! I ended up finding one of my fave perfumes, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet!

But sometimes, we just don't want to even go to the store. Thus, I just went on the Sephora site to see what's hot, and what do I find? A quick and easy fragrance IQ type quiz right on the website.  Here are the steps and my finds! I am looking forward to trying the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille for a more sophisticated sexy scent ;-)! Skip to the bottom to see what choices I picked!

Try it here on the home page:

Also! Use the code "SMELLME" for a free deluxe fragrance add on!

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