Online Fabulous Fragrance Finds

If you're not a fragrance buff, finding a perfume for yourself in person is HARD. First you have the sales ladies in department stores stuffing paper cards saturated with perfume up your nose in the hopes for a hint of commission to hit their paychecks, Then while you are trying to be polite and sniff them all, they end up meshing together and smelling the same. Also, if you have no F*&^ing idea what fragrance "family" you want, you have way too many to choose from. 

In comes Sephora to save your G.D. day. Two words: FRAGRANCE IQ. Hundreds of bottles of perfume narrowed down to your tastes based on things like how you want to feel in it, and what seasons you like. Finally, some EASY Q's to answer! I ended up finding one of my fave perfumes, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet!

But sometimes, we just don't want to even go to the store. Thus, I just went on the Sephora site to see what's hot, and what do I find? A quick and easy fragrance IQ type quiz right on the website.  Here are the steps and my finds! I am looking forward to trying the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille for a more sophisticated sexy scent ;-)! Skip to the bottom to see what choices I picked!

Try it here on the home page:

Also! Use the code "SMELLME" for a free deluxe fragrance add on!

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