The SINGLE Skincare Tip that Will Save Your Acne Prone Face!

Seems too good to be true right? Let me tell you I was surprised myself that this one tip helped me so much. 

I have acne prone skin and it sucks! So I decided to do a little experiment and see if what my mother has told me all these years rings true. My mother's advice? DON'T PICK AT YOUR SKIN!

Seem's easy enough right? But then you see all the little bumps under your skin, or blackheads on your nose, or blemishes ready to burst! So your first instinct is to 'get rid of them.' I decided to see if this was the right way to go, or if leaving them alone was the magic ingredient to my skincare routine that I have been waiting for. 

How did I run this experiment? Simple. I kept to my Skinfood skincare routine and only picked at blemishes like I normally would on the RIGHT side of my face. The left side I left alone and didn't pick at it. The results? They speak for themselves: 

The fact is, you can wash your hands and face as much as you want, but you are always going to be pushing in more bacteria and agitating your skin if you pick at it. Your are also delayed in healing process because you are constantly breaking the skin's barrier instead of just letting it heal from within. So follow my mama's advice (and advice from God only knows how many Dermatologists haha)....DON'T PICK AT YOUR SKIN!!! 

PS: If your skin is that congested and you feel like nothing is working skincare wise, I fully advise getting a facial and letting a professional do any type of "extra" exfoliation and "extractions." My favorite one is at Mohonk Mountain House called the Deep Cleansing Radiance Facial. Right after I got this, my skin looked and felt 100% better and did NOT break out afterwards like it does with other facials. This isn't a sponsored post, I just legit loved that facial haha