Benefit Disappoints!

Photo from Benefit Twitter (taken today-which reminded me to write this article! haha)

Photo from Benefit Twitter (taken today-which reminded me to write this article! haha)

Let me start by saying that there are a lot of things I love from Benefit, including their brow products, Roller Lash mascara, and packaging in general. However, my recent purchase of the Galifornia blush was an utter disappointment. 

The website stated that this was a golden pink powder blush and at first look there is a gorgeous golden sheen on top of the blush's blazing sun imprint. This made me think that the blush itself was like a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Blush, where there would be an embedded highlight within the colored blush. However, upon application, one cheek was struck with a mound of gold sheen and some added color, while the other cheek only had color and no sheen. Meaning, half my face was highlighted to the Gods by accident, and the other cheek looked dull AF.

Upon further inspection of the blush block, the golden sheen disappeared and there was simply a coraly-pink blush left. I come to find out that this originally glorious looking blush is nothing but a regular powder blush. Also, when I managed to make the color/highlight even on both cheeks that day, and wore the (now) powder blush on other days, it barely stayed on my cheeks for more than 2-3 hours.

I rarely buy things without full research, however I unfortunately trusted the Benefit brand and it's initial package advertising and got hoodwinked. But hey, at least Ulta has a great return policy! 

PS: I know this sounds so damn dramatic- it's just a blush. However, when you trust a brand like that in terms of packaging/marketing and get disappointed, it stinks! Also, I have blushes from brands like Nars and even MORPHE that were better than this in terms of pigmentation and staying power. Also, the Becca blush I mentioned earlier is PHENOMENAL!!! :D