Favorite Easy to Use and High Quality Home Hair Dye Product!

Want to dye your hair fun colors this summer? Look no further, because Ion Color Brilliance is the best vibrant color dye on the market! The Color Brilliance line has a multitude of colors including my favorite shades Fuchsia and Magenta. If you have dark hair like me, all you need to do first is bleach the hair you are going to dye (and find a friend to help you!). If your hair is not light enough, it will not take in the vibrant color(s) you want it to.

Aside from the beautiful and vibrant color payoff, the Ion Color Brilliance collection is long lasting and fades beautifully with every wash. The longest I've gone without re-dying my hair and it still keeping its color was about 3.5 weeks. Then when it's all washed out, the blonde you started with, will either become warmer or cooler toned depending on the dye you chose. I am using red toned dyes, thus my blonde hair turned into a strawberry blonde and eventually a warm toned blonde. Also, they are super affordable and easy to use! The formula is thick enough to apply with ease, and they are only $5.99 a box! Watch for Sally Beauty sales and sign up for their rewards program because sometimes they are even cheaper. 

Below are pictures of the Ion Color Brilliance products I use, colors available, my hair after using Ion Color Brilliance hair dye, and also photos of how it fades so nicely!