Review of Jane Iredale Pure and Simple Makeup Kit

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Everyone loves something that makes their makeup session easier right? Companies like Bare Minerals and Benefit do this by making personalized kits based on skin tone and needs. Jane Iredale also does this in a boxed set format.

Her Pure and Simple Makeup Kit comes with one blush, two shades of foundation powder with brush applicator, two eyeshadow shades with applicator,  and a lip stain. The foundation powder itself as a formula was somewhat satisfactory and gave sheer to medium coverage. The shades chosen for me were too light unfortunately so I only used them as a highlighting powder for my concealer which worked out nicely. In terms of using this powder for everyday makeup, it does not impress me enough to stray away from my beloved BareMinerals original loose powder foundation. 

The blush powder on the other hand was FABULOUS. It was the perfect shade for me, and went on beautifully! It stayed on for about 8-10  hours which is amazing for blush on me-usually mine only lasts about 2 hours if that for some reason.

The eyeshadows were smooth and blendable, however there are only two colors in there so it's hard to make a full eye look with them alone. The lip tint was also quite nice and gave me a nice peach/pink tone. I noticed it looked different on other people, so I'm assuming it changes based on the person's lip pH level. 

I received this from Influenster as a complimentary product for review. All opinions are my own.