Bleach/Purple Hair Dye Review: SPLAT on Dark Hair!


Hey everyone! 

Since rainbow colors are such a popular hair trend, and the ability to achieve this look on dark hair at home is typically difficult, I decided to review a drug store box set from Splat when my girl Miranda bought a box. She has medium to dark brown hair depending on how the light hits her head, so this was a good trial!

Here are the steps we followed: 

1. Mix powder into liquid in bleach squirt bottle.

2. Weave strands of hair for highlights, and paint bleach onto strands while they sit on aluminum foil (think salon style). 

3. Processed bleach for about 45-50 minutes, checking on said strands every 15 minutes.

4. wash out bleach with Shimmer Lights Shampoo.

5. Add thick layer of Shimmer Lights shampoo on hair and let sit for 30 minutes.  This is to help rid of brassiness.

6. Rinse out Shimmer Lights. Cut Splat dye with conditioner at a 2:1 ratio. I do this with my ion color brilliance dye all the time with great color payoff results as well as smooth, moisturized hair, thus I added this step for the splat review. 

7. Add thick layer of dye/conditioner mix to bleached strands and process for one hour.

8. Rinse out dye/conditioner combo, then blow dry. 

Below are before and after photos. Overall it was a pleasant experience due to the fact that her hair didn't fry off with drugstore bleach, and her hair picked up the color in the end. The only downsides are that the bleach product was runny/watery and thus patchy in application, and the purple did not come out strong when cut with conditioner like salon brands Ive used in the past. Also, due to the patchiness of the bleach, the purple didnt stick well in some areas when compared to others. For $10 a box, you can do better. I'd rather spend $5 on a box of ion color brilliance at and spend a few bucks more on a better bleach/developer combo at Sally's for better results. 


Update: 8/6/17

Miranda added another round of splat color to her hair without adding conditioner and it came out very pigmented! (Photo at the end). So definitely don't add conditioner to this dye if you want a strong purple color instead of the advertized lavendar! :)