Daily Hair Styling MUST HAVES for LONG/THICK Hair

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Fun facts:
1. I only wash my hair once or twice a week.
2. I rarely heat style/blow dry my hair
3. I LOVE to dry style my hair (think braids, twists, etc!). 

This being said, I have KEY products that allow me to achieve the resulting #hairgoals on the daily. These are their stories *DUN DUN* 

1. Dry Shampoo
This has been a staple in my closet since my first can by Amika that I received in my Birchbox. Not only is this type of product fabulous for soaking up excess oil and sweat after a session at the gym, it is great for creating volume and texture for different hair styles. My favorites include the Perk Up Dry Shampoo by Amika, Bodifying + Bamboo Fiber Full Body Renew Dry Shampoo by OGX Beauty, and the Detox Dry Shampoo by Dry Bar (which also comes in a brunette color!!!)

2. Hair Oils
Sometimes the winter winds or summer humidity come through and bust up your hair shaft, leaving you with a frizz ball. This happens to me too! My solution to that is moisture locking oils on my damp hair! This keeps the internal hydration from leaving my hair, and prevents outside humidity from creating hydrogen bonds between the water molecules in my hair which is an example of what causes frizz. My favorite hair oils include: Unicorn's Mane Smoothing Serum by A Beautiful Life, Orchid Oil by OGX Beauty, Ouai Hair Oil, and Glass Action Universal Elixir by Amika

3. Texture Spray
Yes, you can use dry shampoo to add a little grit to your hair for styling. However, if you want truly full beach wave hair, you need legit texture spray. Aside from beachy waves, I also love using my texture sprays to fluff up my hair for full messy buns as well as rough curls (think edgy ringlets with pointed ends). My top texture sprays include: IGK Beach Club Sprayun.done volume and matte texture spray by Amika, and Triple Sec from Dry Bar. You can also try all of these and a few more with the Sephora Favorites Instant Texture Dry Styling Spray Collection!