Is This a Lush Cosmetics Bath Bomb Dupe?

By: Amy Goldstein

Lush Cosmetics is widely known for their intensely scented and pigmented bath bombs, and they are often imitated, but never duplicated. As a longtime fan of Lush bath products, I admit I was skeptical when I was handed a few of Fizz & Bubble's bath products to try. But I urged myself to go into this with an open mind, and here is what I found...

>>Lightly colored and scented - For those of you that may be sensitive to strong smells and dyes, or simply can't handle the all-around SENSORY OVERLOAD that comes with a Lush bath bomb, these bath fizzies are the bathtime fun you've been waiting for.

>>Moisturizing - After my bath, I found that my skin was noticeably softer than if I had just showered with my regular soap.

>>Cute packaging - There is something to be said for presentation here. Posing these mini fizzies as truffles or part of a slushie/smoothie definitely makes them more appealing. The truffles are even decorated with frosting and sprinkles! The mini bath pouf included with the fizzy milkshake as "whipped cream" (complete with a cute striped paper straw) adds a nice touch. The mini bath fizzy collections would make fantastic gifts.

>>Price point - Overall, Fizz & Bubble's bath fizzies are cheaper. The full-size large fizzies retail for $6.00 each, while Lush bath bombs trend towards the expensive side at an average of $7 - $9 per bomb. The milkshakes contain 12 fizzies, all of the same scent, plus a bath pouf, for $15. The truffle boxes contain 9 fizzies, all assorted colors and flavors, for $20.

>>No glitter - Is it just me, or is the glitter inside of a Lush bath bomb conspiratorially engineered to NEVER wash off my body? I not-so-secretly love glitter, but sometimes I don't want to come out of my bath - even after rinsing - dusted in glitter like I'm heading off to work the pole at my local gentlemen's club. Ya feel?



>>Not scented enough - Some of the bath fizzies didn't seem to have much of a scent at all. The "Rainbow Sherbet" ones from the fizzy milkshake smelled subtly fruity, and even gave my bath some light color. However, I didn't have the same experience with the truffle box. I was most excited to try these because I have a massive sweet tooth, and they were too cute and smelled too good to pass up. I dropped in "Birthday Cake" and "Buttercream," only to be disappointed by a very faint, very basic vanilla scent. I'm not sure if I can even describe it as vanilla; maybe just "sweet." I dropped in a "Lavender" fizzy next, only to find that it smelled faint as well, and not quite like lavender. It was more of a basic floral scent. They all ended up smelling like they had all together in the box. This may have happened because they were all sealed in the box together for so long, and lost their distinctive scents.

>>Too low-key - Personally, these bath bombs are not for me. I enjoy the intense, shimmery colors of Lush bath bombs, and sometimes the little surprises included, like stickers, pop rocks, or flower petals.

>>Waxy? - One of the bath fizzies in particular left me scratching my head in confusion. The "Birthday Cake" fizzy, complete with a light frosting and sprinkles, dissolved quickly to leave the outer frosting shell behind. The sprinkles dissolved almost immediately, though there were a few stragglers. But the frosting holding them on had a very waxy consistency, and did not melt completely. Most of it floated in awkward little chunks around me for the duration of my bath, resulting in uncomfortably waxy spots on my skin where it did melt. I was not a fan of this.

Did Fizz & Bubble measure up to Lush? 
No, they did not. But that does not mean a lesser quality product, or that I was completely disappointed. Fizz and Bubble's bath bombs are unique, and like Lush products, are also cruelty-free and packed with moisturizing butters and oils. I tried two products (both can be found either at Ulta or on the Fizz & Bubble website): Bath Fizzy Milkshake in Rainbow Sherbet and Assorted Fizzy Bath Truffles.

Overall Impressions:
First of all, these may look similar to bath bombs, but they are sold as bath "fizzies," so do not expect the explosion of colors, popping, fizzing, sparkling, bubbling, and whatever else you may have seen from a bath bomb. Additionally, the products I tried are exclusively their mini bath fizzies. I did not have the pleasure of trying the full size, but the great thing about minis is dropping 2 or 3 in, which allows you to mix and match scents! These little bath treats fizz like crazy, leaving you with a softly scented and moisturizing soak.