Suliya Gisele: Up and Coming Model with a Twist



Currently a student at the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, the assistant to Editor and Chief of The Dapifer, as well as a Model and Stylist for The Kooples, Suliya has immersed herself into the hustle and bustle of New York City life.  I met her during my escapades during New York Fashion Week, and wanted an inside scoop on what the life of an up and coming model is really like. Lets take a look. . . 


Q:   I feel like nobody ever asked interviewees simple things first. So, what is your favorite color and why? 
A:   Black. I had an art teacher in high school that would always argue that black was not a color, but the absence of color, m=which makes me appreciate it even more. Black has become my comfort zone. I can always count on it. Favorite comfort food/fancy food/ and make it yourself food? Favorite comfort food is anything with frosting or pizza with extra cheese. If you had to choose between a fun patterned boyfriend short pair of underwear, and a nude thong which would you choose? Patterned boyfriend shorts, boyfriend shorts make my butt look good.  and what group of people spark your brain every morning when you put an outfit together? I don’t really have a person in mind, but I would say anonymous people with killer style that I see around New York City, no one in particular.








Q.     How did you start on this path, and why are you interested in working in this career of modeling?
A.    I started modeling at 16. And since I was really young people told me I should model. I was always the tallest, skinniest girl in my classes growing up. At first I used to take it as an insult, because of the stigma of eating disorders that come to mind when people thing about models, but then I realized that it was something I was good at.

Q.    Tell us about your education: Have you attended fashion modeling courses? What related courses or studies have you taken?
A.   The thought of studying fashion and moving to New York City came to me over night when I was 16, and channeled my energy into that. First I studied Fashion Merchandising at a small private collage upstate for two years and then finally moved to The City of Dreams, New York, to continue studying Fashion Merchandising, with a concentration in Fashion Publication.

Q.    What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?
A.   My goals as a model are to travel and see the world and star in some of my favorite brands campaigns.

Q.    Do you have any limitations in the clothing you are willing to model with? why/why not?
A.   I don’t. I’d work with anyone. I’m very open to opportunities. A lot of the modeling I’ve done didn’t require clothing, so it would be a change of scenery. I also like how different clothing helps you channel a different attitude or lifestyle. It’s very fun!

Q.    Random fun question: If you got a job to work in the middle of the forest for a year, where you had to model outdoors traveling gear while actually using it full time, and it paid well, would you do it and why/why.
A.   Oh yeah of course! I grew up in a wooded area and love the idea of escapism, especially living in New York City, now, I miss the stars, and smell of the forests and ambient sounds of nature. I also like the idea of functionality in fashion. So if I’m using the gear I’m modeling, I’m all for it! 

And there you have it ladies! I hope you enjoyed this interview because there are more to come after tomorrow's trip to Beauty Con NYC!!!

Mother, Runway Model, Philanthropist
& Sweet as Can Be
My Meeting with Denise Bidot

It all started with me having to piss like a racehorse the second I reached the parking lot of Bloomingdales at the Short Hills Mall after an hour plus commute. The second I parked, I ran into Bloomies, Curves book in hand, hoping I didn't miss her and hoping I didn't literally pee my pants in excitement. After relieving myself, I took two escalators down to the ground floor where I was told I would find her at the Marina Rinaldi clothing section. I walk up to a gentleman holding cold Pellegrino with the cutest striped paper straws, who tells me she is right behind one of the clothing racks. I gently walk up so as not to disturb any conversation she may already be having, and then she turned to me. My coolness melted and I became a mad cheezer.

"You brought the book! That's amazing!" Denise says as she greets me. "Of course I did! I was actually part of the Kickstarter when it began and this was one of the main reasons I wanted to meet you! Your the one on the cover!" I respond. 

After the small talk, and her signing my book, we actually got into deeper discussion on my school work, the blog, and randomly, food recipes. Now when I normally explain my research to a lay person, I like to explain each vocabulary word in full and in simpler terms so they want to keep listening (haha) and understand. I was surprised that I did not have to do this at all with Miss Bidot: "My entire family has a medical background...I was the only one who went into the arts." This is just one of the many interesting facts about her. Her favorite colors are yellow and green, and apparently her daughter "dresses up in those colors and says 'Mommy look I am wearing my favorite colors like you!' Denise adds that she always tells her daughter "you don't have to have the same favorite colors as me! . . .Your favorite colors are pink and purple remember?" Denise is also an avid supporter of St. Jude's Children's Hospital. 

When we randomly got onto the topic of food I told her about my recent autumn chutney concoction of dates, pears, and pumpkin butter. This then inspired her answer for my question of what would her next burrito recipe be: dates, BACON (YAY!), ricotta, and honey. This sounds SO DELICIOUS. And not just because it has bacon. . . yet that is a large factor for me haha

When talking about fashion and beauty, it turns out she bites her lips all of the time like I do! Thus when I gave her advice on the Kat Von D lipsticks I love so much, she was excited because we have the same biting habits and drier than normal lips! Denise has walked in "straight sized" runway shows including my tennis idol Serena William's fashion show at NYFW 2014. Aside from the runway, Bidot has also starred in campaigns for the love of my bank account (haha) Forever21, and love of my life Nordstrom. 

All in all, Denise Bidot is a down to Earth, lovely young woman, who has been able to go through all laments of life with love and a beautiful little girl, and land on top! Thank you Denise Bidot for a lovely meet & greet and interview. =)