A London MUST DO Experience: Afternoon Tea at Sketch

Let's talk about Sketch.

From the second you walk in the door there is an artistic vibe. Lights down low with neon accents, and a single desk in the foyer when you walk in. As we are guided to our tea time residence, we are walked through what looks like a NYFW Vogue Jungle created for a posh and adventurous culinary experience. Upon arrival, the pink lounge is exactly the kind of space I was hoping for: elegant yet popping with creativity and fun. The walls are covered in uniformly framed sketches that are both quirky and lewd, yet also amusing and bring a lightness to the air. Lining the room are puffy pink booths that are "at home" comfortable yet carry an elegance that befits the pearls and jewels that walk into that room every day.

The first person who helped develop our experience was the drink master, who took care of any beverages outside of the teas everyone has come for. Following him was the Caviar Man! He was decked out in a pink suit and expelled a profusion of caviar education. The caviar and quail egg we were given was absolutely delicious, and finally gave me the explanation as to why the elite rave about this animal byproduct. Next to come over to us was the Tea Master, who was wearing the most lavish dress uniform I have ever seen. This dress was so fashion forward and intricate that I was hoping it was just hers and I could find it somewhere to buy it! Some might think a Tea Master is too much; however I was quite thankful for them (yes there are more than one walking around) because as much as I like tea, I am not an expert on different blends and the like. I ended up ordering a pot of vanilla chai and another of a citrus variety. Did you catch that? A POT. Yes folks, everything (aside from caviar) was unlimited! Including the array of finger sandwiches, petits gateaux, scones, and cakes. The menu (link here) was intricate to say the least, however every item blended together on the palette beautifully. 

After all of the exquisite food items and delicious teas, I had to use the loo! I was actually quite startled when I walked in because nobody warned me of its intense white light and quirky design. I don't want to share too much about it because I want you to have the same jaw dropping experience as I did, but let's just say egg shaped bathroom stalls are involved!

Afternoon tea at Sketch was one of my favorite culinary experiences in my lifetime, and that's saying something considering I am a train ride away from New York City! Thus, next time you're in London, you need to visit! 

Quick Info: 
Link for Reservation: http://sketch.london/afternoon_tea.php#gsc.tab=0
sketch Classic Afternoon Tea, £58 per person
Champagne Afternoon Tea, £72 per person
Children's Afternoon Tea, £30 per child - including Pat the Bear
*First two photos in this post are from the Sketch website (link provided above)