Finding a Venue: All Inclusive or Unique with A La Carte?

After figuring out the kind of theme you want your wedding to have, you need to figure out where you want to have it! Some people say you need to find a date first, however, if the venue you want is not available that day but it is the week after, guess what? Your date is going to change. So choose where you want to have your wedding and work your general idea of a date around what's available.

A popular choice by many is to find an all inclusive venue that puts a price on each guest's head in exchange for the services chosen for your special day. This was a little too cut and dry for me, and as I've told everyone when we talk weddings: I love going to huge weddings as a guest, but I'm not about to throw one! There are too many moving pieces that need to be watched during a large event, and if Nick and I are supposed to enjoy the day as a couple, that type of stress is just not going to cut it. We are also very much on the same page in regards to not wanting to go into debt over what is basically a party, and wanting to keep the guest list to close family and friends. Thus, since we have a large amount of land at my house, we decided to have a backyard wedding! 

I can hear all the married people now...saying things like "it's still going to be just as stressful," "it's not going to be as much cheaper as you think," and blah blah blah. WRONG! If you want to see how we make this event come to fruition with a smaller budget in mind, make sure to subscribe to my blog to get all of the details from now to the big day (October 2018!).